Duplex scanning in Adobe Acrobat using a Brother MFC

Posted by Dan on Dec 17, 2010 @ 4:14 PM

I was trying to scan in a bunch of pages that had printing on both sides. Adobe Acrobat supports duplex scanning, even for scanners that don't have native support for duplex scanning. The problem is I couldn't get it to work with my Brother MFC-8820D printer/scanner. The problem appears to be using the "TW-Brother MFC-8820D USB". As soon as I switched to using the "WIA-Brother MFC-8820D" scanner driver everything starting working well.

So, if you need to perform a duplex scan on an automatic feeder that doesn't support it, here's how you do it in Adobe Acrobat 9:

  1. Go to File > Create PDF > From Scanner > Custom Scan…
  2. In the "Scanner" box, select "WIA-Brother MFC-8820D."

    NOTE: You can safely ignore this message.
  3. In the "Sides" box, select "Both Sides"
  4. Configure the rest of the options as meet your needs
  5. Click "Scan"
  6. When the "Scan using Brother MFC-8820D" dialog appears, select "Document Feeder" as the "Paper source"
  7. Select the appropriate scanning options (recommend using at least 300dpi in the "Custom Settings")
  8. Make sure to choose the "Page size" that matches your paper size

  9. Click "Scan"
  10. Once the scanning has finished, take the stack of paper that just went through the document feeder and put it face up in the exact order it just came out in (you feed in the last sheet first.)
  11. Acrobat will have already prompted with you the dialog to scan the other sides. From this dialog, choose the "Scan reverse sides" option:

  12. Click "Ok"
  13. Repeat the steps in 6-9 to finish scanning the back side pages

That's all there is to it!

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  • Hi,
    Great article. I needed something like this for long and was almost tempted for investing in duplex scanner. So I hope in this case, Adobe printer driver arranges pdf pages accordingly.

    I have Brother MFC-J5910DW. Can I achieve the same results as you mentioned here?

    Also do you have any adventure done on OCR?

  • I also have have Brother MFC-J5910DW. Can I achieve the same results as you mentioned here?


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