An amazing time lapse video of GTA IV - Liberty City Beats...

Posted by Dan on May 30, 2008 @ 4:35 PM

I saw this a week or so ago and thought it was worth watching again. Even if your not a fan of the game, I recommend watching the video just so see what an incredible job the guys at Rockstar did creating a realistic environment.

The video contains no violence and just shows some camera panning around the city. In the first scene, just watch the sky. It's amazing how realistically the clouds move and it's cool watching the occasional plane fly over head.

Liberty City Beats

The author of the video had this to say:

"As I was playing the game, I realized the potential for time lapse filmmaking thanks to the day/night cycle and all the varying weather patterns.

This work was achieved by using one particular motorbike in the game (and the odd helicopter) which offers an uncluttered frame, free of any bodywork in shot. The shots required cramp-inducing holds on the controller for sustained periods of time, in order to get slow and steady shots. Slow pans required delicate movement of the thumb sticks. There is no way to cheat it. Everything is done in-game without glitches, just lots of experimentation and patience.

Fortunately, Rockstar Games gave the means to turn off the HUD, etc, and created a world vibrant enough to allow this type of creative outlet."

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