The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute

Posted by Dan on Feb 15, 2008 @ 5:10 PM

 WTFs per minute

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  • That is too funny! I was doing way too much of that today :(
  • Ha. I was just doing this exact thing. But mine was on the bad code side, damnit. But yeah, funny stuff. It'd be hilarious if it was even remotely funny to the masses.
  • sigh.... i think i see this picture like 5 times a day. who keeps stumbling it?
  • Oh yeah, I Am always on the Good code Side...

    until I Run it...
  • I'm with leatherwing. I've seen this so many times that I know exactly how many wtf's are on each side...
  • That sounds about right. If you think your on the bad code side you need some self esteem! YOUR CODE IS THE BEST, everyone else is to dumb to comprehend it ;)
  • It's so true, seriously it's so true
  • @leatherwing:

    I do xD.. couse it's funny everytime.. and as long as it's not rehosted on an ad farm its cool with me :D (people.. stop stumbling ad farms.. give them a thumb down.. they are stealing your time and get payed for it..)

  • Code review?! Hmmmm... interesting concept.

    Sure would eliminate a good deal of the wtfs I get over the phone from my costumers!
  • Vikas Maddukuri's Gravatar
    Vikas Maddukuri
    too good ! A nice scale of measurement !!!
  • fgd f f sdf s fd ffgfd sas
  • your code resizes my window. It's irritating. And bad web design. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should.

    The comic is excellent though!
  • @nevyn:

    There's no code on the page that should be resizing your browser window, so that shouldn't be happening. I have not seen that behavior on any of the browsers I test on regularly (FF2, IE6 and IE7.)
  • @nevyn:

    Even if there was code that resizes the window, you can turn that function off in your browser's options (at least with firefox, and I believe IE7 but i may be wrong on that one). look for Javascript options.
  • I have a black dog that looks like yours! This cartoon is so true. Hilarious.
  • My coding is like communism; on paper, it looks nice. But when you put it into action, it's catastrophic.
  • Mary Poppin' Caps's Gravatar
    Mary Poppin' Caps
    Sometimes, while my wife is sleeping, I scratch my anus and stick my finger in her mouth.
  • I've seen reverse in a way. Too many WTFs by seeing such complex/crazy codes intended for future aliens (Ohh..those days of C, C++). More of a HTF (How) than WTF , How did you come up with shiet like that...LOL
  • I seriously don't understand all these jokes about coding because if you're a good programmer you would analyze the code before running it and really the only problem would be falacies in the engineering side or whatever compiler is being used.

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