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Posted by Dan on Apr 12, 2007 @ 10:17 AM

A couple of cool tidbits on the jQuery front.

Remy Sharp has written a nice, clear, concise entry on demystifying jQuery's this object. He does a really good job explaining the differences in what this means depending on the context of what you're doing. This, no pun intended, is one of the things that can be a little confusing when you're new to jQuery since the this keyword can either be a pointer to the current DOM element or a jQuery object—depending on the context of your code. Remy's write up should help to clear this up for any new jQuery users.

Ralf S. Engelschall has a released jQuery Plug-in for cross-site AJAX. His plug-in allows you to communicate to a 3rd party domain in a similar manor to the $.getScript() call. The new function he introduced is called $.getScriptXS(). He's even added support for callbacks, so you'll know when the script has loaded. Very nice!

Lastly, Jörn Zaefferer is working on re-writing the Autocomplete Plug-in originally by Dylan Verheul, and then modified by yours truly. Jörn is working on combining several mods together and cleaning up the code. One of the key features he's working on is adding support so that you can get the autocomplete functionality working for multiple values in the same input element (think of an e-mail client and how you can add multiple recipients.) I've offered Jörn my help (if he wants it) so hopefully it won't be long before the mods are finished.

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