Upgrade your PSP v2.0 Firmware!

Posted by Dan on Jul 27, 2005 @ 9:42 PM

Ok, so while the "official" PSP v2.0 firmware for the US hasn't been released, it has been confirmed that the Japanese release that came out today will in fact work. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the PSP v2.0 Japanese firmware.
  2. Plug your PSP so it's being powered off the AC adapter.
  3. Connect your PSP to your PC via USB cable.
  4. Goto the directory /PSP/GAME/ in your memory stick.
  5. Create a sub-directory named "UPDATE" (MUST be uppercase)
  6. Copy the downloaded PBP file into this directory.
  7. Rename it to "EBOOT.PBP" (MUST be uppercase too)
  8. Disconnect the PSP from the PC
  9. In PSP's XMB interface, goto "Game" -> "Memory Stick"
  10. Browse to the Update file and run it by clicking on the "X" button.

I've just installed it. I'm so excited about being able to finally use the WAN feature. Up to this point I haven't been willing to move back from WPA-SKA to WEP.

A couple of things I noticed off the bat. The "Themes" configuration looks pretty cool—you can finally set your favorite color scheme, keep the default monthly rotation or set your own Wallpaper!

The new internal browser looks way cool too!

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