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Sept 29, 2004: The End of the World...

Apparently the world is coming to an end on Sept 29th—or at least that will be the beginning of the end. My favorite quote is problem:

Some humans will be saved, and Johnson says many are already being abducted to other planets to be used as super computers.

It's great that we as human have such great intellect and capacity for learning, but I would think that civilization that has the ability to travel through solar systems, wouldn't need humans for their knowledge. Granted, we use only a small portion of our brains, but I'm thinking they wouldn't need us for brains (maybe our good looks though.) Dr. Johnson has a theory on how humans will be used as super computers.


Nikki's Getting Spayed Today...

Well I just dropped Nikki off at the Vets a little over an hour ago in order to have her spayed. We've opted to pay the extra money again to have the surgery performed by laser. I like the fact that it cauterizes the wound at the same time it makes the cut.

I always hate dropping the dogs off for any kind of procedure like this, but I know that getting the dog spayed before her first period provides for many health benefits. I just hate that my "baby" is going to be filling bad. One of the hardest things for her is probably going to be the fact that she can't really play w/her sister for the next week or so.

Speaking of which, I left Maddie at the house when I took Nikki to the kennel. When I got back, Maddie spent the first 5 minutes sniffing me and looking at me like: "Where's my sister at? What did you do with her?!?" I'll be curious to see how Maddie reacts to Nikki when she comes back w/the cone collar on. Maddie hated wearing that.

Pictures From SpaceShipOne's First Flight...

My Grandmother sent me a link to some really great photographs of SpaceShipOne's First Flight into Space. For those of you who haven't been folloing this story, this is the first private venture to achieve reaching space—which is pretty damn remarkable.

Kudos to Michael Melvill for being the first private citizen to become an astronaut.