Nikki's Getting Spayed Today...

Posted by Dan on Jul 12, 2004 @ 9:34 AM

Well I just dropped Nikki off at the Vets a little over an hour ago in order to have her spayed. We've opted to pay the extra money again to have the surgery performed by laser. I like the fact that it cauterizes the wound at the same time it makes the cut.

I always hate dropping the dogs off for any kind of procedure like this, but I know that getting the dog spayed before her first period provides for many health benefits. I just hate that my "baby" is going to be filling bad. One of the hardest things for her is probably going to be the fact that she can't really play w/her sister for the next week or so.

Speaking of which, I left Maddie at the house when I took Nikki to the kennel. When I got back, Maddie spent the first 5 minutes sniffing me and looking at me like: "Where's my sister at? What did you do with her?!?" I'll be curious to see how Maddie reacts to Nikki when she comes back w/the cone collar on. Maddie hated wearing that.

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  • We recently had one of our cats spayed with the laser procedure. Definitely much cleaner and everything but it didn't seal as well as old-fashioned surgery and we ended up having to take her back to be cleaned up and have stitches :(

    Hope Nikki's laser surgery goes better than that!

    The cat in question?

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