Sept 29, 2004: The End of the World...

Posted by Dan on Jul 19, 2004 @ 9:38 AM

Apparently the world is coming to an end on Sept 29th—or at least that will be the beginning of the end. My favorite quote is problem:

Some humans will be saved, and Johnson says many are already being abducted to other planets to be used as super computers.

It's great that we as human have such great intellect and capacity for learning, but I would think that civilization that has the ability to travel through solar systems, wouldn't need humans for their knowledge. Granted, we use only a small portion of our brains, but I'm thinking they wouldn't need us for brains (maybe our good looks though.) Dr. Johnson has a theory on how humans will be used as super computers.

You've also got to question why they'd have to use a kamikaze-like attack. You'd think they just blast us w/their lasers.

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