Run Ronnie Run and go buy "Run Ronnie Run!"

Posted by Dan on Sep 16, 2003 @ 11:53 AM

Run Ronnie Run! comes out today. While it's Bob and David both agree that it's not their best work, it's still Mr. Show and I'm going to support them by buying a copy. Maybe then the New Line will remember how they messed up. Unfortunately, more likely or not they'll realize nothing other than they don't have to worry about the quality of a movie if it still sells. If you haven't bought it, go buy seasons 1 & 2 and/or season 3 of Mr. Show and treat yourself to some of the funniest TV you'll ever see. Season 3 is probably the best single season of any comedy show ever!

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  • Ok, well I watched the movie today... There are some good parts, but go buy Mr. Show first if you're unfamiliar w/Bob and David--otherwise you may not quite grasp their genius...

    It's a real shame the studio never let them release the edit of the film that they liked. I would have liked to have seen that version.

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