Telemarketers at it again...

Posted by Dan on Jul 30, 2003 @ 2:42 PM

The telemarketing industry is really fighting the "Do Not Call" list. I find there new allegations a bit preposterous.

The service, which will be enforced beginning Oct. 1, is expected to block about 80 percent of the calls. The telemarketing industry estimates the do-not-call list could cut its business in half, costing it up to $50 billion in sales each year. Similar lawsuits brought by other telemarketers are pending.

They're claiming they could lose up to half there business. I would agree that they'd have a point if this was a list to sign up to get telemarketer calls, but this is a list for people who are fed up w/telemarketing calls. I suspect almost all 28 million people who've signed up for this list are like me and tired of picking up the phone to have a telemarketer on the other end. There's no way I'm going to buy from a telemarketer. I normally try as politely as possible to cut them off and ask them not to call. After all, I can't blame the person on the other line, they're just trying to get paid like everyone else. This just seems like another frivolous lawsuit designed to delay things.

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  • I used to work for one of the largest survey companies in the states. I hated calling those that didn't want to hear from me and honestly felt sorry for them. On the other hand, many were glad to hear from me and genuinely wanted to hear what I had to say. Unfortunately though, the former fat outnumbered the latter.

    That's why I was excited to hear about the FTC's National Do Not Call Registry, where consumers could register their phone numbers if they didn't want to be called. Now telemarketers must "scrub" their call list to remove the numbers they're not allowed to call, allowing them to reach only those consumers who don't mind being called. It's a win-win.

    The only problem is that the National Do Not Call registry now has about 90 million registered numbers and most telemarketers don't have the technology or the computer power to properly remove the Do Not Call numbers from their call list. That's why my firm created DNC List Manager. Through our service at, telemarketers are guided through the jumps and hoops that the FTC requires in order to be compliant. It takes telemarketers just a few minutes to register and make their call list FTC compliant, and free customer support there in case they get stuck. It's the best do not call compliance solution there is.

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