"Do Not Call" Registery Now Online

Posted by Dan on Jun 27, 2003 @ 2:25 PM

While the "National Do Not Call Registry" went online today—at least according to their website. The site has been very unresponsive most of the day. I suspect their either having load problems with the site—or somebody's flooding the site w/packet requests trying to crash the server.

If you're not sure what the "Do Not Call" registry is, then go check out my previous blog entry. In a nutshell, this is the Gov't sponsered list that you sign up to in order to get telemarketers to stop cold calling you. I'm putting my number on there—you should too!

National Do Not Call Registry

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  • I just registered both our home and cell phones and everything seemed to go through O.K.

    Hope to see you on the 4th
  • I tried to register my mobile under 'NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY". But for registration, it is asking only '7 DIGIT' PHONE NUMBER WHEREAS ANY MOBILE NUMBER WILL HAVE '10 DIGIT". More over it is asking area code of '3 DIGIT', what to enter, there is no help.
    Pls guide.
    Venkata Raju
  • The area code is the first 3 digits of a 10 digit phone number.

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