The Weekend Was Awesome...

Posted by Dan on Jun 23, 2003 @ 10:13 AM

First off, this weekend was awesome! I'm going to back date my entries for each day. So, you'll want to look backwards through the log to find out what happened each day. This may be against "blogging" standards, but this is my blog, and it's the way I want the entries in. (Plus I tend to be long winded, so it makes sense to me to break the entries up.)

I tried to put as many links to the pictures I took as possible. Hopefully each link is to a unique picture. Also make sure to check out the My Photo Album for all the pictures. There are some really good ones that I haven't linked to. I should be getting back the .35mm pictures Jenn took as well, so there's 3 more rolls of film to post! Oh yeah, and there are also some new Quicktime movies that I posted from the trip.

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  • Yeah!  Loved seeing all the pixs from the weekend getaway - especially loved the cabin pixs - would love to visit there some day, although I've been to Hocking Hills many many times in my life it still looked perfect getaway weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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