Classic Gaming Site: Uncle Clive

Posted by Dan on Jun 13, 2003 @ 10:10 AM

Well surfing last night—to see if there's a way to tell how much battery life is left in my GBA SP—I came across this Uncle Clive's website—which is dedicated to gaming, with an emphasis on classic gaming.

I especially got a kick out of this old TV commericial:
I'm about to show you something new for Intellivision which will revolutionise the way videogames are played and compared.

There's also a link to a game called Super Mario Pac—which was developed by Matt Verran of Hermit Games after seeing a spoof game that was on Uncle Clive's website a while back.

Anyway, I found the site kind of neat. If you're in to old classic games or just want to be amused for a minute or two, go check out the site.

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