You can't always believe your eyes...

Posted by Dan on Apr 2, 2003 @ 10:13 PM

An LA Times photographer was fired today after using Photoshop to alter a picture he'd taken. He combined the results of two pictures taken just seconds apart. Even though I can understand why the photographer probably thought the merging of the two photos wasn't a big deal in this case, this is very dangerous ground and I think the LA Times did the right thing. People are accustomed to taking things in print with a grain of salt, but we're much more likely to believe what we see with our eyes. In todays computer aided world, it's very easy to manipulate a photo to the point where only the best trained eyes can tell the photo has been altered. I guess the lesson here, you can't always believe your eyes...

In an editor's note in Wednesday editions, the Times said photographer Brian Walski acknowledged in a phone call from Iraq that he had used a computer to combine elements of two photos to improve the composition.
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  • I have to agree. News and pictures on the internet is one thing, but the LA times and other newspapers are more likely to be trusted, and their pictures and facts should be checked rigorously for accuracy and reliability.

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