Moving Flex Builder Plug-in to a fresh Eclipse install

Posted by Dan on Apr 10, 2009 @ 9:34 AM

Mike Jones just publish an article on Reconnecting Flex Builder Plug-in To Eclipse—which shows how to move an installation of your Flex Builder Plug-in to a new installation of Eclipse without having to uninstall/install. His instructions are for Mac OSX, but it looks as if they might be virtually the same for windows.

Below are Mike's original instructions.

  • Install a fresh copy of eclipse, but don't delete the old version yet. (I called mine eclipse-new, you can rename it at the end)
  • Copy start_fb.jar to the root of your new eclipse installation
  • Copy the Flex Builder link file to the "links" folder in the root of your new eclipse installation (If you are using Ganymede - 3.4 or greater you'll need to create this folder)
  • Open up the file located in you old eclipse installation/configuration/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator in a text editor
  • Copy all of the Flex Builder related entries - use the file reference as a guide as not all of the packages have Flex in the name
  • Now open up the same file, but in your new installation and paste those entries at the top and save it
  • Start up your new clean eclipse install and bask in your 1337 s1<i||z :p
  • If all went to plan you can now close eclipse, delete the old version and rename the new one - job done.

While I haven't tested this, it looks like this should work in Windows with the exception being the "link" file is actually named in Windows.

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