Internet Explorer v8 to be released today (3/18/2009)

Posted by Dan on Mar 19, 2009 @ 10:43 AM

It appears Microsoft is releasing Internet Explorer 8 today at 12pm EDT/9am PDT. I guess I'll have some testing to do today, as I was still experiencing weird issues with the last IE8 candidate I had installed for beta testing.

I'm not sure where they will be posting the full edition at. Currently you can download the last beta (RC1) from their Internet Explorer beta page. I would imagine the full release will show up at, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Looks like the official site for downloading IE8 is Read more at Microsoft Announces Availability of Internet Explorer 8.
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  • If you want to run ALL available instances of IE on your desktop, take a look here:

    Currently I have IE7 and IE8 (RC probably) running on my XP SP2-box with IE6 as the installed browser. Works like a charm - except not being able to use more than one tab in IE8, not such a problem for testing.
  • @Sebastiaan:

    I've always been a bit weary of running multiple version of IE on the same box--just because I know IE utilizes lots of shared files. I remember years ago trying to do this, but ran into issues where IE didn't behave the same as a standalone install. Since then, I've just gone the VM route using VMs to keep specific versions of IE installed.

    If my memory serves me correct, the problem might have stemmed from JScript issues--but I can't be sure. Also, it's possible those issues have been worked out.

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