ColdFusion v8.0.1 Hot Fix 2 released in Oct 2008

Posted by Dan on Mar 18, 2009 @ 9:55 AM

Did you know that ColdFusion v8.0.1 Hot Fix 2 was released back in October of 2008? Yeah, me neither. Fortunately Andy Allan happened to notice that it was available. Not sure why Adobe has this so buried on their site—they don't even have it listed on their ColdFusion Hot Fixes page.

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  • The question is: what does it REALLY fix - and why have we been kept in the dark about this for so many months...

    Maybe there are fixes in there that are already replaced by other updates to hotfixes, like is the case for 71557?

    Maybe the Evangelists can enlighten us???

    And should my CF-hosting provider install this?
  • can't stand how we never get this type of information from adobe or the evangelist team. we always have to find it ourselves. someone should email ben forta and see what his take on this is.
  • I have no idea. In the past, Ben's always been pretty good about mentioning the release of Hot Fixes. My biggest suspicion is that maybe they only wanted to push people to the HF that were actually experiencing problems mentioned in the HF.

    It's also possible the ball was just dropped. Wasn't this about the same time that Adobe laid off a bunch of people--including a couple people on the CF evangelist team?

    While most of the changes are minor, the CFHTTP/deflate issue probably bites a lot of people who relying on CFHTTP.
  • Dan, you're last comment very likely hit the nail on the head. Engineering does not control content on the Adobe website. The break down in timely communication most often occurs with Customer Care which is responsible for tech note authoring and publishing, and maintaining the Hotfix page among other things. And, as I can attest, there are fewer hands to manage everything nowadays. Similar lapses have occurred in that past, but Engineering or Evangelism are really not to blame.
  • @Steven:

    Thanks for your insight! I know it sometimes happens and every system usually has it's pitfalls where information can be lost, but it does seem weird that it was never really caught. I can't imagine Photoshop releasing a patch and then nobody ever really knowing about it.
  • The CFC Memory Leak fix is huge in and of itself. Sheesh!
  • How can we determine what version/hotfix is currently installed? I don't remember whether I have this installed already.
  • In the ColdFusion Administrator, in the upper right there is an icon for System Information. Click the link. That page will contain version information including updaters installed.
  • Cumulative hotfix 3 has been out for quite a while as well. You can add a link to your custom cf admin menu to to see them when you want.

    Personally, while I like to be notified, and it *would* be nice to think that Adobe would do so, I think it is part of your duties as an admin to check your product update support pages faithfully. No start of a flame war intended, nor desired, on my part. It's must my HO.
  • @Tom - You might be referring to CF 8.0 CHF3... which precedes CF 8.01 and CF801 CHF2... no?
  • Steven is correct, it was indeed a matter of timing. Having said that, I did indeed post this back in November:

    --- Ben
  • Dear Ben, were talking about the 8.0.1 Cumulative Hot Fix 2, not the CF8 CHF 2 ;-) And your post dates from november 2007, not 2008 ;-) Not had your morning coffee yet?
  • Ben you blogged about Cumulative Hotfix 2 in 2007, not 2008. The Cumulative Hotfix 2 in 2007 was voor Coldfusion 8, not Coldfusion 8.01 !
  • As has been noted, the reference to Hot Fix 3 is for CF8, not CF8.01. Also, Ben posted about CF8 HF2, not CF8.01 HF2 (which came out a year later.)
  • Ugh, serves me right for replying to threads when I am high on cough medicine! ;-)

    --- Ben
  • So Ben, is there anyone we can press about this? I mean, for now it's been partially solved: it IS now listed on the hotfixes page, but it's still NOT listed on the downloads page ( which does list the 8.0 CHFs.

    But more important is the whole issue of ensuring that both these pages (and the technote feed at get updated immediately when a hotfix or CHF is released.
  • Meant to add this to my last comment. I pointed out a similar concern last year:

    I really would love to know who (or by what means) we can best press about these matters.
  • Agree with Charlie here.
  • I agree as well, I started a thread on the Adobe forum about this today once I found it. What other updates are we missing in this 5 month span where this update was lost in limbo that might have come after it?

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