Samsung TV randomly power off and on

Posted by Dan on Dec 21, 2009 @ 10:27 AM

For Christmas this year, the big family gift was a new Samsung PN58B860 58" Plasma TV. Our old TV worked fine, but with the baby on the way I we wanted try and reclaim some living room space—much of which was being taken up by our old Mitsubishi 55" rear projection TV.

We absolutely love the picture, but from day one we started running into a problem with the TV in which it would just randomly power off and then immediately back on. I went through a battery of tests trying to determine if it was a power issue, cable issue, etc. I tried replacing the HDMI cable, hooking the TV up directly to the cable, changing outlets, etc. Nothing I did resolved the issue. Since the problem was random (on average, probably happened once an hour, but we might go a couple of hours with no issues or it might happen several times within a few minutes.) It didn't matter what we were watching—could be cable TV, a DVD, playing XBOX, etc. The TV would just turn off and then turn right back on.

After talking to Samsung and HH Gregg everyone seemed to think it was the power supply on the TV and since the TV was less than a week old, HH Gregg delivered a replacement TV. However, the new TV was having the same problem. So, once again I started going through my battery of tests trying to figure out what was wrong.

After testing tons of things, I finally found the root case—the Internet connection.

Newer TVs are now coming with Internet connections. Being the tech guy I am, I immediately hooked my TV up to the Internet so I could get firmware updates, view Flickr photos, etc. To get up and running quickly, I had plugged my TV into the wireless bridge I was using for my XBOX 360—which I had the IP configured as the DMZ in my firewall (which I had done to resolve some issues with online play.)

Since now the TV was acting as a DMZ, all unrecognized traffic was being routed to the TV. I suspect what was happening is various ping and exploit attacks on my IP address was causing problems with the TV, so the TV would just shut down and power up again. I just never thought that the Internet connection would be the root casue of the TV rebooting.

Anyway, if you have a Samsung TV that's recycling the power, try unplugging your Internet connection and see if that improves the situation. Also, never run a device as a DMZ unless you know what you're doing!

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  • I'm researching TVs as well and Samsung is on the top of the list.

    CNET said that with some Samsung models, the screen goes blank if the scene is too dark, although I don't remember which one it was.
  • Phillip:

    I really love the picture and I'm really happy with the TV--especially now that I've got the issue resolved. While technically it's a problem with the TV (since bad packets shouldn't shut down the TV) the TV really shouldn't be open to all internet traffic (which running as a DMZ was basically doing) so I don't really put blame in the TV. It shouldn't have been running this way.

    I did a lot of research before buying as well. Panasonic and Samsung seem to offer the best bang for buck, but I really loved the Samsung. I also liked the picture of the Plasma over the LCD LED (which I thought was overly bright.) I also noticed a little blurring in the LCD's still--although it might not have bothered me in a regular viewing situation, but when you're specifically looking for things, they tend to stick out.

    The blacks on the Samsung Plasma Series 8 are really outstanding. It really adds a perception of depth to the picture.
  • I bought a Samsung LN46B650 and last night got around to plugging in the ethernet cable. Guess what? The TV rebooted while watching a movie!
    Is the solution to not use the Internet?
  • @Phillip:

    Is the IP address the TV using running behind a firewall? Make sure it's *not* running as a DMZ or otherwise getting all unfiltered TCP/IP packets.
  • Thanks for the usefully and interesting Archive. I will be test it on my TV.
    Many regards from Germany
  • I'm having the same problem. Any way around the unplugging of the network cable? I'd like to be able to have it hooked up to the net. I may check and see what I can tweak in my router for the TV's access and still allow it to run its services.
  • @Justin:

    I still haven't been able to track down the exact issue--which does indeed stink. Even though the TV is no longer running as a DMZ, I still get the TV reboots. I'm hoping Samsung resolves this in a firmware update. However, the firmware on their website appears to be older than the one offered via the online update. This is a problem since I can't hook up to the internet.
  • I have verified that unplugging the network cable seems to resolve the issue. I updated with the latest firmware via the internet when I first turned on the TV (Yesterday). My router has nothing in the DMZ and there are no real loose settings. I have port forwarding turned on, but I need that for other things. If I come across any other info on how to fix it, I'll reply here. I'll also check here for updates. This was the only thing I could find in a quick google search on the issue.
  • @Justin:

    One thing I haven't tried yet is replacing the ethernet cable. The cable I used wasn't marked, so I'm not sure if it was a 6e cable or not. I'm wonder if maybe I'm getting enough interference from the power cable or HDMI cable that it's causing an issue.
  • In my case, I'm using CAT 5e. But Power is separated from all other cables by a wooden stud in the wall. I still haven't found anything else yet. But, I'm going to see if maybe there is a setting for the network on the TV. I can't remember one off hand, but there might be something.
  • @Justin:

    What version of the firmware are you running? I'd like to upgrade to 1017, but since they only have 1013 on their website and I don't trust my TV to stay on while attempting to upgrade via the Internet, I'm basically stuck until they decide to post the lastest firmware to their website.
  • I have the newest one available from the internet connection. I'm not sure of the version. BUT, I may have found what the cause is. I've been running connected for > 2 hours with no issues so far. Here's a little about my setup and what I changed...

    Network: I have a Windows Home Server machine that stores most of my data and content. I have other computers on the network that are backed up by that machine as well. And, of course, everything is all on the same network as the TV since it's connected to a switch in my living room that goes up to my router. That's a simplified description of my network, but the key component, I think, is the home server.

    I looked in the settings and eventually found something that might be the issue. I went to: Application -> Home Network Center -> Setup. I turned off "Message" so that the TV will not receive messages from any of my other devices on the network. I left the other settings as they were.

    I got going with checking out some more Yahoo Widgets and installed Pandora and let that run for a little bit. Then, it was back to good ol' Tivo and watching some other stuff for a while. Then live TV still through the Tivo which comes through my Receiver then to the TV. I don't think the source matters with this issue as it's network related.

    Anyway, try out that change and see if your TV stays on long enough to do anything. Hopefully that is the fix and it helps you too. I haven't had enough time to test it for hours and hours. But it's been working perfectly so far. Thanks again for the blog and for pointing me in the right direction.
  • @Justin:

    Thanks for the pointer. I'll have to try that later tonight and see what happens.
  • @Justin:

    I tried disabling both the Messages and Media settings in the "Home Network Center" but was still getting the reboot issue. It's possible it's working for you because you're on a different firmware revision than I am, or perhaps it's a combination of settings.

    It just really sucks not to be able to hook the TV up to my home network!!!
  • That does suck. There are a ton of settings in there. I do know that my TV hasn't rebooted on me since making those changes. I'll keep monitoring it though. The firmware might be the issue. One thing you can try also is unplugging your other computers/devices from the network and see if your TV stays on. If so, grab the firmware update with everything else off and see if that helps. My router is a D-Link Gamer Lounge router (DGL-4300) I don't know if the router has anything to do with it, but I figure I'll give you as much info about my setup as I can to help you out.

    Good luck.

    The power cycle is back. Though it is less frequent. So Something is definitely happening more frequently in your setup than mine. I'm not sure what the cause is, but I've since unplugged the Network cable until I can have time to troubleshoot more. Surely, there are others who have the same problem. I'll post anything new that I find.

    Sorry for the false hope. That setting did seem to help. But I'm not sure what else can be done at this point.
  • Here's another update on something else I tried...

    I turned off the media option in the home network setup as well, but I think the setting that actually worked was the ... I forgot the name... something like "anynet link" or something with "link" in it. It's the *feature* that lets you turn off other connected HDMI devices that support some specific standard. I've had these settings for almost a week now and so far I've had zero reboots.

    Hopefully, that will work for you. Also, my firmware is from November from the internet firmware update.
  • This is really interesting. Thanks for posting. I have had my Samsung LN46C630 for about two weeks. I have had my ethernet plugged in for almost the entire two weeks and this power cycle issue just started happening to me this morning.

    Unfortunately it does it on a frequency of more than once / minute. i breifly went to Samsung's support and they said to unplug the tv for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Obviously that did not fix the problem. Their next siuggestion was that my Tv needed to be serviced.

    This scares m a bit. I already called Amazon and they said they will send me a new one and pick up the old. I just have to wait until 12 EST for their Special Shipping Deaprtment service lines to open so I can call.

    In the meantime, I will give this fix a try, but it bothers me that it took two entire weeks for the issue to start, it seems that my problem might be more hardware related.
  • @Matt:

    I'm not sure servicing will help, but if you like the option, go for it.

    I had my original TV replaced and had the exact same issue w/the new TV. I've had zero issues since it's been unplugged from the ethernet cable. I think there's something in the ethernet firmware/code that causes issues if it sees certain types of network traffic.

    I keep meaning to try shutting down all my internet appliances to see if I can figure out what the root cause is, but it's more a bother at this point than resolving the issue.

    Certainly keep me updated if you resolve the issue!
  • @ Dan

    The ethernet fix worked and I have had no need to keep the ethernet plugged in at all times, so it was an easy fix.

    Unfortunately my USB Hard drive that I keep plugged in *occassionally* reproduces this issue. It happens far less frequent, but is enough to freak me out.

    One of these days I will get around to calling Samsung.
  • Another Update. While that last thing I posted seemed to work for a while, it happened again at some point a little after I posted. It's REALLY annoying as I'd like to be able to use some of those features every now and then. But I can't due to the problem. Looking on the web, there are other models with the same problem. I don't know what is causing it, but it must be driver related as Dan suggested.

    Anyway, if I find any real fix, I'll post it.
  • @Justin:

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I'd like to get this working as well. Fortunately, it's not a deal killer for me, but it's frustrating that it doesn't work as advertised. Samsung's support is useless.

  • I'm having the exact same problem, but this only started happening around August 1st 2010. It has been REALLY HOT here where we live and most everyone is now running their air conditioners. My thinking is that somehow the tv is not getting enough power or surges are coming down the line. I'm not really sure, my TV is the 5 series and does not have the internet connection.  So it can't be the internet on mine. I have also done the same tests such as unplugging HDMI, running direct thru cable, disconnecting all devices, worknig in other modes.

    Still, the past 3 days it was not as hot outside and the TV didn't turn off/on once.  Now today has been hot and its doing it every 15 minutes.

    Could power be the issue?

    Also for updating - does your USB stick need to be formatted a with NTFS, FAT32 or FAT16. I plugged in mine with the update on it and it said no update was available.

    Thanks guys
  • @Michael:

    When I originally called Samsung about this issue, they stated the problem was with the power supply and I had my TV replaced (it was less than a week old.) However, even with the new TV in my case the problem is completely replicable by simply connecting an ethernet cable to the TV that's connected to a router.

    So, your problem could be related to the power supply. I actual wonder if the problem is your TV isn't getting *enough* power. In this extreme heat, people tend to blast AC units--which draw tons of power. I wonder the voltage is dropping enough to cause the TV to turn off.
  • I think that is the problem too. they called me today to do a service call but i have to pay $90 just for them to come. I'm going to wait and see what happens. My tv was purchased through a liquidator so I am not entitled to warranty.
  • Forgot to mention - a couple times when the TV was off it turned on and off. That definately leads me to believe its something with the power in the building where i live. It must have got a surge of power or something to make it do that.
  • I have a recently purchased LN52B610 that restarts every two hours. Exactly two hours. Mine does not have an ethernet port either. Interestingly, when I talked with Samsung support, her first instruction was to unplug the TV from the surge protector. That, of course, did not resolve the issue.

    Googled and found this thread. Thought I would share. Will call Samsung again and see if they have any better ideas.
  • Most likely problem is a defective power supply.
  • I also have a Samsung 52" LCD without internet capabilities. Mine has had this issue for over a year now. It is really random. Sometimes it will happen multiple times in an hour, and then it will go days without doing it.

    I have read some theories that it was caused by heat, and that adding a fan to help air flow through the TV will help significantly.....but this really doesn't help the LED TV people as a fan would be 8 times the thickness of the TV.

    I guess I'm going to rig something up so I have a couple fans on mine, and I will try and report back in a couple weeks.
  • @Blaze86Vic:

    Your issue might actually be w/the power supply.

    Fortunately, as long as I don't plug the TV into the Internet my TV works absolutely fine. While I don't like not having the full features of my TV working, the Internet stuff is pretty slow and I've got other devices that can fill the role much better.

    Samsung should still resolve the issue, because I paid for a working TV, but did give up complaining because it works w/out Internet plugged in.
  • I had purchased the SAMSUNG LNS4096D LCD in January of 2007; the TV had been promoted as the ultimate 1080 P television due to its amazing contrast ratio, but last year my SAMSUNG has not been performing as advertised.... whenever the TV is turned on all I see are white dots from corner to corner. The white dots are superimposed onto whatever is being broadcast on the screen. What is causing all of these white dots to appear on the screen? Can this problem be repaired? Has my LNS4096D reached the end of its utility after only 4 ½ years?
  • @Joachim:

    I have no idea. I'd try posting your question to an A/V forum or a specific forum geared towards Samsung TVs.
  • It seems odd that it would be a power supply issue when unplugging the network cable solves the problem. Maybe this weekend I'll unplug all of my other network attached devices and see what happens. The good news for me is that I have a new main computer so maybe my issue was with a conflict with my previous one.

    If I ever do find the cause and a permanent fix, I'll be sure to post it. Does anyone know if any firmware updates have been released for the TV?
  • The last time I checked, their website had should the old firmware that's been out there forever--but I know the auto update via the Internet had a more recent version than what they post on their web site.
  • Potentially good news... This is a fairly long explanation of what I did, but there may be pieces that help others have a "ureka!" moment.

    After turning all of my computers off (Mainly the home server which I think would be the cause out of all of them), I plugged the dreaded network cable back in to my switch. I then decided to check to see if there was a newer firmware. sure enough it reported back that there was a newer version 001018. I had 001017.

    So I did the update, it rebooted and I launched my yahoo widgets and checked out the Amazon instant streaming (I'm a prime member and the free video streaming is what got me interested in solving this issue again). I authorized my TV on the amazon site and tried to check it out.

    At first, it wouldn't stream. Then I went to the widget gallery and it said that updates were waiting to be installed. So, I turned the TV off and then back on and went to the internet widgets again. It updated like 14 widgets and I then went to the Amazon video widget. Sure enough, it started streaming just fine. I didn't really want to sit through a whole movie right then, so I stopped it and put on my regular DirecTV. No random reboots yet, but I had other things I had to do. So I turned everything off. And then turned the computers back on.

    This was all done on Saturday. Sunday saw lots of use and so did Monday evening with no reboots yet. I'm going to still monitor the situation and look into a line conditioner for power in case there is something to the dirty power theories. It might be important to note that I have never had a service call on the TV. Nor, have I replaced it. It is the same one I got at the beginning of 2010.

    So, to recap, the things I did was:
    1. Turned off all networked computers in my house
    2. Updated the firmware to the latest 001018
    3. Updated all of the Yahoo Internet Widgets
    4. Media services are all off still (like videos or pictures, music, etc.). I have other devices for that stuff anyway

    So far it's working as advertised. Hopefully, it stays that way. I'll report back if I notice the error again. I hope this helps.
  • @Justin:

    Good to know. I'll have to try that this weekend. I'd really like to get the TV working properly--if for nothing else than to be able to run some of the Flickr stuff w/out have to also run another device. My 16mo old loves to look at pictures.
  • Nearly 2 months later and no random reboots. I'd say it's working pretty good with the new firmware. I would definitely unplug all of your other devices while you're applying the update from the internet on your TV just to be safe.

    Good luck.
  • @Justin:

    I turned off all the devices on my network and plugged in my TV. I didn't have any rebooting issues, so I was able to update to 001018.

    However, after turning back on my other network devices, I started experiencing the random reboots. I didn't actually try turning off the media services on the TV (since that's really the feature I wanted to see if I could get working,) so I just unplugged the TV again.

    I may see if I can figure what application is causing problems. My guess is it's some DLNA services that's causing problems w/the TV.
  • That could be. Since I have a PS3 and 360 connected to the TV, I don't really use the TV's media sharing features. I did want to use the Yahoo Widgets though. I still have all of my other sharing features turned off and I haven't experimented with which one(s) were the culprit. If yours exhibits the problem very frequently, then you might be able to track it down a lot easier than I did as mine would sometimes not error for multiple hours.
  • Well, I just bought a simple 26" Samsung, UN26D4003. The only connections were power and the cable. It worked well for about 10 minutes then started turning itself on and off randomly. So, back to Best Buy.
  • Hi all, I have a Samsung UN46B8000XFXZA model purchased new in Oct '09. About two months ago I started to have the "reboot" issue that you all seem to have. At first I thought that it just might be a power outage or brown out, as it only did it a few times and they were spaced by about a week or so. Now it has gone one even better! It will sometimes display a "split" screen effect with a perfect left half of screen and the right half will have from top to bottom a series of fine, saw tooth horizontal scan lines, scrolling down from the top of the screen!!! I have a filtered surge protector, Comcast cable, I have a computer in a separate room also on the comcast cable modem. But I dont't have a pc connected directly to the tv. I had a local tv tech come out( $79) and he was stumped, he thought that it might be a "tcon board" or the panel. Estimate was about $396 I am waiting for a reply from anyone that has had the same problem. I have a video of the split screen problem, and the reboot is self explanitory. Thanks a million, Rick
  • @Rick:

    Your problem sounds like a hardware problem with the TV. My reboot problem is definitely software related.
  • Had my TV for about 2 months...the reboots just started happening yesterday.
    I discovered the network cable removal trick but that doesn't really solve the problem since the TV is a "smart TV".
    It has wireless but I haven't tried that.

    Did anybody ever solve this one?
  • @Rob:

    I believe I did finally track it down to one of the PCs on my network causing the problem (it's my server w/several DLNA related stuff) that was causing the issue. I just finally decided it wasn't worth spending more time trying to debug the problem. The TV stuff was so slow to begin with, that I figured I wouldn't really use it much.
  • Thank You! At the end of a bad week I sat down to watch TV and my Samsung started power cycling. It was the last straw for me. Spent about an hour searching Google and came across your posting.

    One of the things that set me off was after a power and internet outage none of my computers would connect to the internet, but my wireless laptop and ipad would. Plugged my computer directly into my Uverse gateway and disconnected everything else and it worked. Reconnected my network and the computer was still working so I thought I was good. However I found my kitchen computer was sill not connecting to the internet. At that point I went to my media room and tuned on my TV and got the cycling issue. We had storms on and off the past few days, but the TV was fine yesterday. Decided it might be the dreaded Samsung capacitor issue.

    Then I got to your page and voila' network, issues, TV issues, it all came together! I simply unplugged the network feed to the TV and all is well! Thanks!
  • I have a Samsung LED for two months now, just last night 5 mins into watching BBT it started going off and then coming back on frequently; some time as frequent as every second and sometimes it stayed on for a few mins. I cannot watch anything on my TV at all!!!

    Reading through the blog, it seems like some people think that it is an internet issue. On another blog I read it could be the TV tuner.

    I don't know what it is but it is frustrating! My TV is is just two months old.

    The TV is not wireless capable, and the Ethernet cable was not connected to the TV last night as well.

    I have tried different things, like changing the power outlets, cable and replacing the cable and HDMI cables etc. Nothing solves it.

    let me know if there is anything else I can do.
    There is no manufacturers warranty as I bought it on EBAY :(
  • I had this same problem, but it was just a little different. I have a PS3, XBOX 360 and Verizon FiOS television. After owning a LN52blah blah for around three years, this started happening to me two nights ago.

    All of the components (PS3, XBOX, tv box) are connected to my A/V receiver via HDMI. There is one single HDMI (out) cable running from the A/V receiver to the television.

    The television itself was not hooked up to the internet (although it does have the capability) but every single other component was/is connected directly to a network switch/hub which is connected to the wall.

    When the television started rebooting, I was playing Black Ops 2 on multiplayer. The game disconnected from the internet and the television started going into the reboot cycle constantly. I didn't think the two were related and just thought I was having some bad luck.

    I tried everything. Replaced all of the HDMI cables, plugged everything into a different wall outlet in a different room, connected components directly to the television instead of running through the A/V receiver. I tried everything. I even called samsung at 4:30 in the morning to open up a ticket and have someone come fix the television.

    After a couple of hours, I noticed that my home phone had no dial-tone. Then I asked my wife to check the television. No television service. I called Verizon and set up an appointment for them to come out the next day as well. I went to bed in a terrible mood.

    The next morning when I woke up, all of my services had been restored and I set everything back up like it was. No problems at all. The television hasn't rebooted since.

    This is obviously a little different because the network cable was never plugged into the television itself, but it was literally plugged into every single other component that was connected to the television.

    I don't know how to explain it, other than saying that it had to have something to do with my internet service going crazy and it was somehow affecting the television through one of the other componenets. Crazy, I know....
  • my samsung TV 37" started rebooting every 5 minutes yesterday and i was able to fix it by removing the ethernet cable before reaching this site... its been working since day and lasted 1 year and 6 months... nothing has been changed at all, ethernet has been there since day 1 since i need it for allshare (my laptop is downstairs and the TV is at the living room upstairs), want to watch series and movies on the big screen... what could have caused it to reboot, no recent update done at all?
  • oops, i just checked at samsung , there's an update released last 12/27/12, i will update the firmware via usb and check if TV still reboots...keep you posted guyzzzz
  • @swendz:

    I'll definitely be curious is the firmware fixes the issue. I've given up trying to connect my TV to my network. Ironically, Samsung does offer a new version of the firmware than I'm running, but I can only download it directly from my TV (they've never offered it as a standalone download.)

    They only offer v1013 as a direct download (last posted 9/22/09) but I believe the last version I saw online was v1018. It's not worth the risk of trying to download the update via the TV, in the case it restarts when updating the firmware.

    I really hate how Samsung pretty much stops supporting their hardware w/in months of a devices release. This is seems to be true with all their hardware (TVs, mobile phones, etc.) You'll get support for a few months, but once the new model roles out, you'll no longer see any updates for older models.
  • Reto, Switzerland's Gravatar
    Reto, Switzerland
    After Hours of Binging I found this thread.
    I have excactly the same problem with constant rebooting. But I have one more information: I can reproduce the rebooting!
    On my USB Harddisk I have a flv movie and the tv reboots at exactly the same moment in the movie all the time. This happens with all movies but for each movie at a different time.
    I unplugged the hd and tested again. And the tv still reboots, but then it seems random. (and is not so frequent)
  • Thank you for saving my sanity with this blog, thanks to your advice we have simply disconnected the TV from the internet and now it is working fine. We had already tried updating the firmware with v1018 and that didn't work. It's still pretty poor to have a TV with all these fancy features that we can't use but at least the darn thing stays on now!
  • Got a series 8 smart tv - fine for several months and then the power cycling started a few weeks ago. I upgraded to version 1019 firmware today, but I am still getting the power cycling. I litterally disconnected EVERYTING... except the power... killed my LAN, PCs, Internet connection, DLNA devices, other Samsung products (phones, tablets etc.) but it still cycles, randomly... Any additional advice?
  • @jlo:

    It unfortunately sounds as if you've got a bad inverter. I'd call support or use their website to report the issue.
  • Hello everyone,

    First of all thank you very much for this blog. It was very helpful in solving my problem.

    One month ago I bought Samsung Smart TV 46" 8 Series (8000). I hocked it to the electric and of course to the wireless internet at home. I believe it is the first thing you would do if it is your first experience with a Smart TV :-) I also connect my Toshiba AltraBook using a HDMI cable.

    Everything was working fine for about 2 weeks! then every time I watch the TV for some time and as soon as I use my remote control the TV starts its rebooting exercise. The only solution that help in finding a temporary resolution was unpluging the TV from the electric for a minute or so then plug it back. That gave me couple of minutes to play with the TV settings! or testing a new HDMI cable.

    Whatever I do is still not helping! I disconnected all communication from the TV and still the same issue, just keep rebooting. Even though the TV was still under warranty, I did not like to take it to the service centre for fixing or replacing. Because that would require disassembling the TV from its base, put it back in its box, and drive 100 miles to the service centre :) - Yes, I have to do all that customer services in my country is not that great.

    So I started my research on the internet to see if that is a common issue for Samsung Smart TVs! and yes it is. I tried everything I found on the net but with no success!

    Last week, while I was searching for a solution, I found this blog and read about the electric issue mentioned by some of you. ! Some of you got his problem solved by hocking the TV directly to the wall and it works other just disconnect from the internet and it works. My TV was connected directly to the wall and I disconnected every communication possible! But my TV is just keep irritating me with its rebooting game.

    The only thing was connected to the TV is the electric cable! (and the air). I have an old electric voltage regulator, I use to use with my PC. I hocked my TV to the regulator! connect to the internet, connect my laptop, and I reset my TV to refresh everything and download the latest software and smart hub!

    Surprisingly, it works for 5 days with no problems at all!

    I am not an expert, but I guess that the TV electronic parts are sensitive to the voltage changes! so using the regulator helped in my situation.

    Last night, I needed the LAN cable so I unplug it from TV and use it on the laptop. suddenly the TV starts the reporting again!! I just turned off the electric for few minutes then turned it on again! everything back to normal and no rebooting!

    Not sure if that might help others :) Like to see somebody try that and advise.

    Thanks again for this blog and the updates from everyone.

  • I have a Samsung UE55ES7080 and has been randomly turning itself on and off since we bought it 6 months ago. How ever this week it is now doing it every 4 mins. Is there a way of disconnecting it from the wifi as we need to keep the wifi running for those not watching TV? we have ADSL which is the fastest available with the old technology in our street. Would be good if we could turn it off with one button. I dont want to be re adding the pw for our wireless network every time we need it.
  • Charter installed a new wireless router and updated the media box. The next day my tv keep surging on and off with the audio still going. I think it has something to do with the faster media box. It is like a power surge with our electricity, but only my tv is affected.
  • What I meant, was the modem box was updated with a new one installed as per their request by Charter. Now, my tv next to my wireless computer goes on and off every 5 minutes with the autio still on. It seems to correct itself, but is horrible to deal with. I am wondering if the box under the tv needs replacing again by Charter.
  • I bought my SmartTV about 4 months ago and it worked great for about 2 months and then started the reboot issue and as well drops the network connection. I had it connected to the router with wireless at first and so tried a network cable instead. No real change. I have tried all of the techniques mentioned above and occasionally it would stop rebooting, network would connect with the Cat6, everything would be fine all day and then bang it would start again. I plugged the power into a power bar and after turning the tv off with the remote, I kick the power bar off. It seems to help a little, so that the TV reboots twice in the morning and then is fine all day. I am living with it for now. I am going to try the voltage regulator suggestion as well as ripping the thing open and checking the capacitors (Samsung uses cheap Chinese Caps). I will update here if I finally sort out the problem.
  • i have a basic led tv that i use for my pc monitor and mine keeps rebooting but i dont lose sound so i dont think its that you have smart tvs i think its just samsung led tvs
  • Francois Benedetti's Gravatar
    Francois Benedetti
    Has anybody had problems with the power suplly? Mine it's a 55" series 8 samsung smart tv and every once in a while after you turn off the tv and try to turn it on again, it won't turn on, you won't get a stadby light and after 4 days, you plug it in to the power outlet and it will work fine as it nothing has happened. I've have sent twice the monitor to Samsung and they tell me that the tv doesn't have any issues. Has anybody had this problem and knows how to reset the tv so it will reset the power issue?
  • I have 51" Samsung Smart Tv, it only recycles power when im trying to play movies from my external drive (1tb). the drive plays fine with my 42" plasma tv fine but with the 51" it recycles everytime i play the movies. tried the internet connection also but to no avail, it gave me an idea when i read the forums about shutting off all linking functions of the tv, so i disable anynet and the smart tv logo on the start- then it went fine and played the movies!!! great help from this forum!
  • Thanks for the blog. It helped with my problem with my un55f7100.

    While troubleshooting in my case I was able to determine a device/PC on my home net work was giving me the issue. With the TV being the only thing on my router/modem there were no problems. Once a added the remaking devices/PC's I experienced a power cycle an hour later.

    My fix was to let my TV access the internet through the guest access on the router/modem. This isolates it from the rest of my network while retaining a internet connection. I loose out on the network sharing...which I don't care as my PC is connected to my TV...but the main plus is that it verifies for me that the TV was okay.

    Only thing is I got a little lazy and did not find out what device/PC on my lan(wired/wireless) was causing the issue. Again...thanks for the awesome blog. It really helped. Hope my info helps others as well.
  • I have samsung smart tv model UA40F5500. THe apps work good but when i played video from my hard drive, the tv will shutdown randomly. Another is that when I only watched local TV with a connected wire from hard rive going to usb port of the tv, again the tv will shutdown randomly. Its annoying!!! I made a complaint to the Samsung, then after a week they replaced the PC Board of the TV but same resulted futile. Anyone can help or have the same problem?
  • Hello, has anyone tried using an uninterruptible power supply? I am having the power cycling issue and have tried the above suggestions without any luck. It seems like there is a software issue that has gone unresolved by Samsung for several years. Anyway, I would like to try using a UPS with hopes that whenever there are power source issues my TV won't power cycle.
  • @Teresa:

    In my case, it's definitely not a power issue. It's an issue w/network interface's firmware or software. TV works fine has long as there's no network cable plugged in (or if I shutdown all devices on the network.)

    What I believe happens is the TV's software has a problem with one of the DLNA devices on my network, which causes some kind of software overflow which crashes the TV, forcing a "reboot" (thus the power cycle.)

    The connected apps on the TV aren't good enough for me to really spend any more energy trying to fix the problem.
  • Hi ,In my case It's not a power issue, It's an issue w/network interface's . My TV's x2 (series f 7000 , F 6320)works fine has long as there's no network cable plugged in,and or wirless is of.?emporarily solved my problem by closing the windows firewall, Its very early to suggest it for sure , but you can try this , it seems that works for me
  • Hi After 20 day's Test, I'm sure that in my case, the windows 7 firewall was guilty,I have no promblem any more , no restart or Shut down , or freeze ,or anything else(I had force restart ,or shut down problem over a month ,
    but after closing the win firewall both TV,s, F7000& F6320 is ok
  • My problem is almost identical to Jul E's and I have the 32" little brother of his device: having usb cable to portable drive connected/watching movies triggers the power on/off cycle. My most recent attempt @ a fix was turning the anynet setting and the startup logo off as was suggested a while back. So far so good but time will tell... Thank you for the amazing opportunity to share here.
  • Hi there. How do I turn the startup logo off of my Samsumg 55"? It appears everytime the tv is tuned on and after a while, ramdomly, the problem of power cycling starts. The anynet logo only appears when the Dvd is turned on.
  • Update: Nope. The anynet=off and startup logo=off didn't fix the problem. Charles, the settings are in SYSTEM somewhere...just hunt around for them. Once cycling starts, the best luck I've had is to unplug the tv for awhile which resets it and would also give anything hot a chance to cool. But I use the usb cable to watch video files from a Toshiba 500GB portable drive and eventually, one file triggers something and the power off/on starts again. Btw, it all started one day while the Toshiba AND a Seagate 1T were plugged in and I was watching from the Seagate. Now even a Kingston 8GB can trigger the problem. So needless to say, whether there are 2 ports or not, I suggest you unplug anything you are not actively using-just as a safeguard. I haven't used wifi or internet for months since we moved, so this problem began on its own through usb port use only. Hmmmmm..WHERE ARE YOU, MY TECH WIZ? Hope somebody has some insight to this. The set is less than a year-old so I still have warranty. But living in Indonesia, you think twice before ANYONE touches your stuff...
  • Hey Dan, have you seen this: "July 1, 2013 Plasma Power Cycling Firmware Update"? But for the rest of us with non-plasma, powercycling is still alive and active :( Check into it though. Some have had problems with the firmware update..
  • @My:

    Unfortunately the "July 1, 2013 Plasma Power Cycling Firmware Update" isn't available for my TV. One thing that's always irritated me is the latest firmware I can download is v1013, but they have newer versions available if you use the TV to update the firmware from the 'net. However, my TV doesn't stay on long enough to risk trying it that route.

    I've tried getting the 1018 firmware from them, but could never get them to send it to me.
  • Just found this thread, I bought a 'graded' Samsung ue55f6670. Was demoed in store and seemed OK. When I got it home it started to switch itself off. Given it was graded stock I figured the switching off was the reason it had been returned by original buyer, so I took it back for a refund. Off to Currys and bought a brand new one. This one started to switch off every 60 seconds!!! By this time everywhere was shut so I turned to Internet to see if it was a common problem, and found this thread. So managed to switch from wireless to wired network (cable disconnected) in the 60 seconds and voila, no longer switching off. played around with it for a while and then after about 30 minutes I plugged in the Network cable, and TV switched itself off a minute later! So I am convinced it is related, pretty frustrating to have a SmartTV that cannot be connected to the Internet... not so Smart. Will get on to Samsung support tomorrow and see what they have to say, will post any useful info back here.
  • UPDATE, so called Samsung support, they went through expected stuff, ensuring all the eco settings were off. (I had already tried this, made no difference), Factory reset. (BTW useful secret key sequence to access engineer menu - Press 'INFO', 'MENU', 'MUTE', then power off then it will restart in menu mode). Still no better, so they suggested I return to Curry's, I asked if they had heard of this problem before, but they said no, since I have now had two that have done it, I am not convinced.
    Before I decided to return it. I downloaded the latest firmware from Samsung website and upgraded (From 1113 to 1116). Has changed behaviour slightly, still switches itself off when the network is enabled, but does not switch itself back on). So going back to Curry's and will try one more brand new one, if that exhibits the same problem, then I think I'll be looking for another manufacturer.
  • @Kev,

    One reason I just gave up trying to get my Internet features working, is they were too slow to be usable anyway. Granted, my model is like 3 years old now, but I'm convinced that ultimately you're better off buying something like a Roku, WD Live, etc, to drive the "smart" functionality of the TV.

    While it does add an extra device, it can be upgraded to better devices over the life of the TV.

    The next time I buy a TV, Internet connectivity is not going to be one of the features I'm looking at. I'll leave that up to external devices.

    Anyway, good luck.

    Oh, and Samsung is aware that some of their TVs have that power cycle problem. Go to and scroll down to "Plasma Power Cycling Firmware Update".

    It's funny how many people seem to have this power cycle problem, yet Samsung knows nothing about it.
  • Hi, I own a Samsung UE40B6000VW Led TV set. It worked fine for 3 years and after that (in the summer) it started doing boot loops.

    At first I thought it was related to the heat and asked a local tv repair guy to give it a look. He told me it was something related to the AV main board and the solution was to replace it.

    I didn't replace it yet, but I noticed that if I stream content other than HD 720p or FullHD 1080p I can watch tv for several hours (8+) without boot loops.

    If I stream some HD channels after 1 or 2 hours it goes on loop. When playing
    some FullHD films from external HDD or from TV HD box it goes on loop after 1/2 hour.

    Is this information somehow relevant for the problems reported here? Does this makes any sense to those more technical guys?

    I found a guy selling a UE40B7000 main board and I was wondering if I put it to my UE40B6000. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks and regards
  • Has this power cycling issue ever been solved? My PS51F5500 started doing the dreaded power cycling. Tried everything suggested in this thread. Called Samsung who collected my tv for repair a week ago. I called them this morning and was told that they can find no fault and the tv is still on the test bench. I have a funny feeling they won't find the fault and send it back to me :(
  • Steven,

    There appear to be several issues that can cause the power reboots. My specific problem was caused by hooking the TV up to my network (and the problem was confirmed w/2 different identical TVs.)

    I've never narrowed it down specifically, but I'm pretty sure it's caused by some implementations of DLNA. I think it's getting a response back when scanning network devices that's causes some kind of exception in the TV's software, which results in the TV rebooting itself in order to resolve the problem.

    If your TV was plugged into the network, it definitely could have been related to something running on your network.
  • Thanks Dan. Unfortunately my power cycle happened whether i was connected or disconnected to the network.

    I have tried so far turning wireless off, hard wired, changed HDMI cables, making sure boot logo and anynet were turned off. Tried all the suggestions in this thread and it still does it.

    Have had it happen on Xbox, Tivo and PC so that rules out the HDMI inputs on the tv as well. One strange thing that did happen once when the tv was on was that it shut down completely with the standby light flashing twice. The TV wouldn't turn on until i unplugged it from the wall and then it was fine till about an hour later the power cycling started again.

    My main worry is that Samsung are going to return my 6 month old tv to me with the same issues as they claim they cannot find the problem.

    The mystery continues.
  • @Steven:

    I recall reading that the power cycling can happen with bad power inverters (which I'd think they'd be able to replicate) as well.

    You might check the voltage on the outlet, maybe you're not getting enough juice which is causing a problem.
  • @Dan

    I checked the voltage at the outlet as initially the power cable was plugged into a surge protector so i took it out of that, replaced the power cord for another, and put it into a separate wall socket on its own. Still power cycled.

    When the engineer was out he went into the service menu and done a test. The wifi adapter showed ok, so did the bluetooth but the 3rd check (can't remember the name, it wasn't an obvious name) showed fail but the engineer seemed to disregard it. Same when they checked the error log it was only showing 1 error and the engineer said that when something is faulty there are normally thousands of errors in the log.

    I genuinely don't know what to do. Do i leave it in the workshop for another few weeks only to receive it back with no fixes or do i take it back now and hope a future firmware update addresses the problem. Hate having no tv!
  • @Steven:

    Unfortunately I can't really help you with your decision.

    If the problem was easily replicated by you and they're not able to replicate it, they're either not doing the steps you told them or they're really not seeing the problem. Either way, leaving it there may not prove useful. However, you definitely don't want to be sending it back and forth trying to get it fixed either.

    I feel your pain.
  • Francois Benedetti's Gravatar
    Francois Benedetti
    After taking my tv a few times to Samsung and returning my Tv saying that nothing was wrong, when the unit did the same failure again (The tv did not turn on and after leaving it unplug for 2 hours, the unit started to worked fine), y started to press the unit on the back hard and heard a snap sound and the unit staterd to work fine and never had the problem for the last 6 months in a row. So I think the problem was a card inside the unit thats not well seated.
  • Just had the Samsung approved techs receptionist on the phone saying that their tests have finished and they can find no fault therefore will be returning the unit on Thursday. I asked to speak to the engineer directly and was told he "doesnt speak on the phone".

    Whats the betting they are no sooner away from my house and the tv will start power cycling.

    It'll be getting launched out the window, watch this space!
  • my ue39f5300 randomly reboots only when playing recorded radio shows from my tivo took the tv off the network and still did it so im thinking my problem relates to the tivo box ? however the tivo does not re start only the tv does
    quite random tbh
  • I just bought some F6320 Samsung 3D TVs (40" and 46") and they all powered off and on (from new). Contacted Samsung and they took internet control of them, but they finally decided I needed an engineer visit.

    If you go to the engineer menu (power off, then INFO MENU MUTE POWER-ON) and scroll down to SVC. Then go to ER Count and it tells you how many errors the motherboard has seen.

    Bottom line is, I need to have all the motherboards replaced for working ones.

    Apparantly, Samsung UK haven't admitted this is a major manufacturing fault, unlike Samsung USA, who are taking full responsibility for the USA problems.

    If you don't get your TV fixed for free, threaten legal action - this usually does the trick with stubborn companies.
  • Hi ,Again , after 4 months my problem was buck ,(on 2 TV,S) and the solution was the same, turn of the windows firewall, for cuple hours , and the problem gone
  • My UE55D6500 randomly rebooted and the problem was the optical connection
    with the receiver.
    When i disconnected the optical cable the problem was over.

    Jack June 2014
  • I've found this interesting video about power supply fault..
    Anyway it's dangerous tweaking eletronic component without the right know-how, I suggest you to call a technician for the test/capacities replacement.
  • I had this happening with my Samsung tv. The tv would keep rebooting itself a few times a minute. When I unplugged the ethernet it was fine. Eventually, I figured out that in my myriad of ethernet cables going into my switch I had accidentally plugged in both ends of the same cable into the same switch creating a loop that caused the issue. Once I removed that cable, everything was fine. Guess I should be better about labeling the cables going into my switch. Just thought I'd post in case there others out there like me...
  • AHSAN KHAN NIAZI's Gravatar
    well I am also using samsung LED 40* f6400 series... and I figured out this rebooting issue as thr is some built in problem with its bluetooth device which connects your touch pad remote control... try using simple remote to switch channels and pair your device properly. it will surely work and stops the restarting issue.. I hope samsung will surely need to check about this issue in their new software update...
  • I just unplugged my HDMI cable and that solved the problem for me
  • about to take a cricket bat and whack this over it powering on/ I cannot watch a thing at all!
  • Model UN55HU8550 here, day one power cycles, but only when 3d is on. I've ran 3d through ps3 and ps4 blu ray, as well as through cable (starz has a couple here.) It always boots within ten minutes, sometimes sooner, and will continue to do so until I turn 3d off. I've tried different HDMI cables, disconnecting network, turning any connect off, turning off eco settings, hard power cycle, separate surge suppressors, plugging directly into wall, factory moding tv... nothing I've tried fixes it. Samsung support is clueless, of course.
    Anyone else having problems with 3D only? I'll update with a solution if I find one.
  • I just received my UN55HU8550 Today. Out of the box. Bout 15 min or so it turns off an turns back on. I have no internet connection period. With Samsung 3D Bluray connected by Xbox one 4K HDMI cable and a Xbox One connected by another 4k HDMI cable. It is plugged in to a Surge protector. TV was Manufactured January of 2015.
  • My new Samsung H7150 was working fine with the wired internet cable for 2 months. Today, it was restarting every 10 sec. I unplugged the network cable and the problem was gone. I then configured the Wifi instead and the restarting began again. To solve the problem, I went to the Samsung Network setting menu --> "Multimedia Device Settings", there were 2 IPs listed of my other devices, I deleted them then configured the network with the lan cable. No issues with the restarts after that and the network is working.
  • I have a Samsung 46'' LED TV, there are color lines appearing on screen. It's like a haze on the screen. What do you think this could be that's happening to my set.
  • I have a 50 inch Samsung Plasma 3d TV I got a couple of years ago... Started having the same issue of the this power cycling on me... Checked out some blogs, the most helpful I found was the c|net SAMSUNG Forums " › Forums › Samsung" anyway I found it was the onboard wireless adapter that was going bad.. When the TV first turns on the software has the network try to check for updates; if there is no answer for a while (with Wireless adapter connected) it reboots the TV.... In my case this was true, after disconnecting the wireless adapter (simple procedure) adapter is less than 2 inches square and about 1/2 inch (or less) deep.. small 2 wire connector. The issue has gone away... I am talking with Samsung support right now to see if they will send me a free replacement.... If not they new wireless adapter replacement is about $75.00 from I really hope they send me one, if not I'll eventually will get another one but use the Ethernet cable until then... Hope this helps someone....
  • My tv was samsung LED TV series 6 (Model UA32F6400AM)
    It gives me random reboot after Smart TV logo over and over, i think these because hardware troubleshooting. But after i read your blog, the answer was : internet connection. No need to open your tv case nor change the resistor bla bla blah, just check your wifi connection and your tv would be operated normal again.
    Right after change my wifi router password, my tv turned on normally. Thanks Dan for your write, its relieving so much. ??
  • I had the similar issue for last couple of days. I have Samsung UN65HU8550 and it keeps on rebooting / restarting every few seconds. Contact Samsung support and they said they never heard of this issue :). Anyway, when I turned off the internet connection on TV the problem was resolved.
    My issue is little different. The frequent power cycle only happens when connected to internet and not streaming anything. I do not see any reboot under following scenarios:

    1) Watching anything on internet using Samsung smart hub apps.

    2) Or when internet is disconnected and watching regular TV via satellite box.

    The constant reboot happens otherwise. No known solution yet. Please update if this issue is resolved. My TV is updated to version 1150.
  • My issue was completely resolved by disconnecting the tv's plug from the electrical socket for 24 hours. I've been watching for a week and no reset/reboots.
  • Thanks to Dan for helping me resolve my samsung TV issue. I exactly had the same problem what Dan mentioned. i.e. if I connect the Ethernet wire then the TV reboots. Then I went back and checked what is wrong with my Ethernet wire connection. In my case..I directly connected the ethernet output of my Uverse receiver into the TV. The input to my Uverse receiver was coaxial cable. So..I'm guessing some crazy IP traffic causing Samsung TV to choke. So...what I did is...take the Ethernet output of Uverse router box...and connect it to TV. This way...seems like the router is filtering all the crazy IP traffic and my TV no longer reboots.
  • Samsung is the worst brand after recent corruption within Samsung in korea, I bought a TV and since the day I bought TV was not working properly, when I reported it to Samsung customer care, they send a tecnician who informed me MOTHERBOARD is not working and it needs to be repaired , I complaint to Samsung mgmt that I dont want mother board to be replaced , I want entire TV to be replaced since its not even 3 weeks since I bought TV, but they refused to do it and inisisted me to use broken TV after it get fixed by Samsung team.

    My only question with you all is if its you , will you go for repairing or you will look for a replacement , its just a 3 weeks old TV and i was facing issue in my TV since the day I bought it.

    Its not anymore Samsung , its Shamesung.
  • 2012 LCD Samsung ES6200 has finally died. The fault was that I reset the Smart Hub. Now all the old faulty apps that crash the set have returned. The set power cycles every 30 sec before the S. H. can up date itself to remove them. It is now bricked. Replaced by a Hisense 50N7.

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