Sorting DOM elements using jQuery

Posted by Dan on Sep 11, 2008 @ 10:44 AM

I'm working on an interface that uses drag-n-drop to arrange how some fields appear on the page. The page basically has two containers—a canvas and a toolbar. You drag fields from the toolbar to the canvas, and then you can position the fields in the canvas to order them anyway you want. To remove a field, just drag it from the canvas back to the toolbar.

One of the things I wanted to implement was to always make sure the fields in the toolbar stayed in alphabetically ordered. While I knew it would be easy enough to whip up a sorting function, I decided to first search the jQuery Plug-ins to see if I could find something that was already written. That's when I found the TinySort jQuery Plug-in.

This plug-in allows you to sort an number of sibling DOM elements and you can sort by either it's text, an attribute or even a child element. Here's some examples (taken from the Sjeiti website:)

// sort by the element's text

// sort by a child's text

// sort by the img element, order descending using the img's "alt" attribute

// sort's element, but puts the sorted items at the end of the parent element

The "place" option (as seen in the last example) is interesting because it allows you to control how the matching siblings are ordered in context to their non-matching siblings. In most cases you're probably sorting all of the children items of an element, but there may be times when you're ignoring certain elements (like disabled items.)

There are lots of working examples on the authors home page. If you need a way to quickly sort some elements on the page, I definitely recommend checking this plug-in out. It seems to have every option one would need to implement some basic sorting to some generic elements on a page.

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