ColdFusion Backup & Disaster Recovery License

Posted by Dan on Jul 10, 2008 @ 9:38 AM

Adam Lehman mentioned this the other day on a mailing list (and now has blogged about the CF 8 EULA change); the ColdFusion license changed in v8.01 and it now allows you to have a copy of CF installed for a warm backup server.

From the ColdFusion 8 EULA (PDF):

2.3 Backup and Disaster Recovery. Licensee may make and install a reasonable number of copies of the Software (ColdFusion) for backup and archival purposes and use such copies solely in the event that the primary copy has failed or is destroyed, but in no event may Licensee use such copies concurrently with Production Software or Development Software. Licensee may also install copies of the Software in a Disaster Recovery Environment for use solely in disaster recovery and not for production, development, evaluation or testing purposes other than to ensure that the Software is capable of replacing the primary usage of the Software is case of disaster.

This is great news for smaller shops that want to have a warm/hot backup server that they can easily push live if their production server runs into hardware problems.

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