Extreme Reunion, New Album and Summer Tour...

Posted by Dan on Apr 9, 2008 @ 10:06 PM

Well, this isn't exactly news, but it's news to me. Extreme has wrapped up a new album and is planning a Summer Tour (rumored to be with King's X and possibly Living Color.) The album is scheduled to be released "Spring 2008."

Now this news really excites me. I thought III Sides to Every Story and Waiting for the Punchline were two of the best albums in the 1990s and was extremely sadden when they decided to part ways. If you listen to Extreme's albums from their first album to their last, they just kept getting better and better. So I'm really excited to see what the new album we be like.

Being a big fan of Extreme, I followed Gary and Nuno's post-Extreme careers pretty closely. While I've always loved Nuno's guitar work, I was never a big fan of his post Extreme work. I thought Schizophonic was a decent album. I've listen to all his other projects (Population One, Mourning Windows, Dramagods,) but nothing really hooked me like his work with Extreme.

Gary Cherone on the other hand has done several things I've really loved. I thought Tribe of Judah's Exit Elvis was a great album. I also really dig the EP he put out titled Need I Say More—which is sort of an adult contemporary, funk, pop thing. The song Love Got Left Behind's got this really cool funk/Sade vibe to it. I actually really love all the songs on that EP (which you can buy/download from either iTunes or Amazon,) but don't expect anything that really resembles Extreme (except for maybe the title track, Need I Say More which definitely has a When I First Kissed You/More Than Words vibe to it.)

Anyway, here's to hoping the new Extreme album continues the excellent trend that Pornograffiti, III Sides and Punchline all set.

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  • Agreed, III Sides to Every Story is a fantastic album. Definitely a fave.

    I was lucky to catch Dramagods when they were in Sydney, hopefully Extreme will come out here ESPECIALLY if Kings X are there!!!!

    Living Colour were good as well a year or so ago. So good all these bands have reformed (except Kings X of course, they never broke up!).
  • I was never an Extreme fan, though I will say Nuno is an excellent guitarist. Kings X and Living Colour on the other hand... they just rock.
  • @Jim:

    I'll say this about Extreme, if your only real exposure to them is songs off their debut album and songs off Pornograffiti (i.e. More Than Words, Hole Hearted) then you should give the III Sides and Punchline a listen.

    I would say each album was more mature than the last. With III Sides they took a really serious approach to the album and created an album with a lot more meaningful song writing.

    Anyway, you may have heard them and still don't like them--as Arnold taught me in the 80s, different strokes for different folks.
  • Wow. That was totally a flash back to high school. It would be interesting to hear how their music has evolved over the years.
  • I think that Extreme was one of the most overlooked bands of the 80's and 90's. What amazes me is the amount of thought that goes into their music. Suggested deep cuts:

    Play With Me
    Flesh Blood


    III Sides
    The Entire Album start to finish
  • @Dave:

    Like I said, I think Extreme kept getting better as a band and their song writing definitely matured in a major way between Pornograffiti and III Sides.
  • I'd go see it no matter who toured with King's X! They are amazing! I think III side and Punchline are stellar albums. I hope this comes true. Should be fun.

    King is coming yeah yeah yeah!
  • I know Extreme and the Living Color guys are friends - Doug Wimbish's WimBash'08 and the Extreme "secret gig" were both the hot ticket at this winter's NAMM show... The King's X thing hs been confirmed by Sirius Radio, so...
    One thing's for sure: One of the greatest bands EVER is back. Nice.
  • @Jer:

    Well I love both King's X and Extreme, so that'll be a killer show for me as well.

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