The Beatles' Abbey Road...

Posted by Dan on Mar 7, 2008 @ 8:41 AM

Almost 40 years later and Abbey Road is still one of the best albums of all time. My father was a huge Beatles fan and many of my earliest memories are of sitting in my car seat and singing Beatles tunes with my parents. I've been heard Abbey Road countless times, yet it still gives me the same thrill every time I listen to the record. I might go months between listens, then I'll pull it out again and amazed at the greatness of the album all over again.

This is an album that should absolutely be on everyone's mp3 player. If you don't own Abbey Road go buy it right now; if it's not on your mp3 player, go load it.

For your listening pleasure, here's I Want You:

For extra bonus coverage, here's a rehearsal of I Want You with Billy Preston and the guys going through a run through:

If you can find it, Eric Gales does a great cover of I Want You on his Picture of a Thousand Faces album.

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  • Hell yeah. I haven't listened to it in a _looooong_ time, but you're right - it's an outstanding album. It might make its way into my own Musical Renaissance "series" ( Thanks for popping it back on my radar. I'll be pulling it out tonight...
  • Just a few weeks ago my daughter was introduced to the Beatles... she walked in when I was watching something on TV about them. She watched for a bit and then said "I thought Beetles were cars??"

    At some point I know she'll move beyond Hannah Montana and hopefully discover the 60's. :)
  • I listen to this day and night along with all th eother beatles albums they are one od the greatest and no one is going to be able to beat them long live THE BEALTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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