Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson Writes Horror Movie

Posted by Dan on Mar 15, 2008 @ 10:32 AM

Bruce DickinsonI just read that Bruce Dickinson has penned a new movie titled Chemical Wedding (which is also the name of his 1998 solo album.) I've always been a big fan of Maiden and Bruce's vocals, so I'll definitely be following this movie. I've got no clue if the movie will be any good, but for those of you who follow Iron Maiden, you know that their huge book and movie buffs—a good portion of their songs are based on either old movies, books or TV shows.

The information I've been able to find out about the movie is sparse, but apparently the movie is about a professor who brings back to live Aleister Crowley.


  • And Aleister Crowley, back from the dead, will create Eddie!!! :)
  • Wow, this is the second time in a as many days, that Iron Maiden has come across my screen. He will also be flying Ed Force One (a custom 757) for the upcoming tour, a first (front man flying ALL of the band, crew and equipment) in music history from my understanding.
  • They were just out here (in Australia)!

    Bruce is great, I wonder if Steve Harris will have a cameo or more than likely share screenplaying duties :)
  • Awesome!

    I went out to see them on their last tour (A matter of life and death album).

    I've been a big Maiden fan forever... I love how Bruce was wicked at Fencing, flies big planes... was on a discovery channel show speaking about old tanks and trains (he is a tank/train buff) and now writing a movie...

    Not your typical rock star stuff....

    I'll be watching out for this.
  • It's amazing to see other people talk about Iron Maiden! I've been a fan since I was 14-15 and growing up in Bulgaria. It's too bad they are not that popular in the US.
  • @Boyan: While not as big as they are in Europe, Maiden has always had a pretty big following in the States. I just think it's metal in general that has never had the mass appeal that it's had in Europe. I first started listening to Maiden when I was 11 or 12 and still listen to them 25 years later... :)
  • @Dan, you might be interested in this: It's a 4 day metal festival in Germany organized by the Manowar record label. I just found out about it from a fellow .NET developer that is a big time Manowar fan.
  • I have been a maiden fan since the piece of mind days ... I was 12 when that was big ...
    I practically learned how guitar by learning every one of their albums ... up until live after death, where the band effectively ... vanished.
  • @Edward:

    Personally, I thought Somewhere In Time was an excellent album and Seventh Son, while not their best album, has a lot of good work on it. I think when Adrian left after Seventh Son, that really hurt both the chemistry and song writing (I didn't think No Prayer for the Dying was very good,) but I did think they made a pretty good album in Fear of the Dark.

    I'm just happy Adrian Smith is back in the band.

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