SendEmail is a great little SMTP Windows command line tool

Posted by Dan on Feb 5, 2008 @ 11:10 AM

I've been working on a Subversion post-commit hook that will send me an e-mail when a user checks in some code to a repository. In order to send an e-mail from the post-commit script I needed a command line tool that would let me send an SMTP message from my batch file.

Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon SendEmail by Brandon Zehm.

This program is chock-full of features and is the perfect companion for Subversion for Windows installations. I can also see this being an extremely useful general debugging tool as it as you can create some really complex e-mail scripts.

SendEmail is actually a Perl program but has been compiled into a native Windows executable. You can download the Windows executable in two flavors—with or without TLS support.

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  • Have you checked out Blat (open source)? We've used this for a number of years without any problems:
  • Thanks for the pointer! That looks like another good tool.
  • Thanks for the tip, that will be very helpful.

    BTW, I think the phrase you wanted is "chock full of features". I suppose it could be a localized difference in vernacular, but just in case I thought I'd mention it.
  • @Chris:

    Thanks for the correction. Spelling has never been one of my strengths.
  • i found it useful
  • it is useful tool
  • grate work @Chris this is really help full for open source comunity
  • excellent .. now need to find out how to acess which files were commited
  • This worked great for me. I had to add lines to the script for all the usernames and passwords. But it works great now!
  • Please update the sendemail link above - there is a new version 1.56. It costs me 2 hours to find that out - 1.55 was not working ;( Oh - thx for the script!
  • I just casually tried looking for version 1.56 and found a large number of unofficial-looking websites. @Timo, could you save everyone the time you've already invested by posting the links to this blog?

    BTW: Blat is similar to SendEmail and has a dedicated website that still works.
  • The link above ( is working fine for me. On the page it has links for 1.56 that appear to be working for me as well (although I didn't try actually running the executable.)

    Of course that's always the problem w/the links--they can die. Not much I can do, unless a reader helps by pointing to working links. :)
  • Hi guys,
    I know it's a quite old thread but maybe someone can help me anyway.
    I've tried blat. I have Exchnage Server 2010 as SMTP server within "my" network.
    if I try to send an email in another domain rather that the one I have configured in my Exchange server I get the following error:
    "** Warning *** The SMTP server did not accept Auth LOGIN PASSWD value".
    If I try to send emails within "my" domain it works good even w/o -u and -pw parameters.
    I've used the blat -install command to give the SMTP server and my email address as sender and then, when I execute the command, I give my user and pw as -u and -pw.
    Thank you so much if you can help me!

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your article. It's really help me a lot. I was struggling like hell for the script. I find the solution by reading your article. thanks again


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