CommitMonitor notifies you of changes to your SVN repositories

Posted by Dan on Feb 13, 2008 @ 9:50 AM

Phill Nacelli blogged about a great tool for monitoring SVN repositories called CommitMonitor from Stefan's Tools. Just last week I set up a post-commit script to e-mail me when updates were commited to a few of my SVN repositories. When you do all your work via telecommuting, staying in touch with updates to your repositories can be somewhat problematic—especially when you have lots of repositories.

I like being proactive and knowing when other developers are adding new committing new code. Some of our repositories aren't frequently updated, so proactive monitoring really helps me stay up-to-date. Up to now my choices were to either configure a post-commit script to e-mail changes or to check the repository logs for changes.

That's all changed with CommitMonitor. It's basically an RSS reader for your SVN repositories. You can set it up to monitor any number of repositories and you can configure how frequently updates are checked for. When CommitMonitor checks the repository any changes will be shown to you via a small pop-up window in the lower right hand corner.

CommitMonitor is a single executable that you can download in a zip file. I've always favored applications that allow you to just unzip and run—it makes it very easy to remove the application if don't like it.

From my brief experience with CommitMonitor I see this tool as being extremely helpful to my workflow.  Go download it now and see how it helps you!

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  • Great find!
  • I tried it out, works great except that if you put in a wrong username/pass , it starts throwing an error and there is no way to have the program work apart from deleting the urls file and then re-entering everything again.

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