Use existing UI Design Patterns to solve your UI problems...

Posted by Dan on Nov 5, 2008 @ 10:08 AM

I came across a couple of sites this morning that show off examples of existing UI design patterns that I believe will be useful to all developers. While there's always room to improve, many of the design problems we run into while developing applications can be solved with existing design patterns. The links below are good resources for showing existing patterns, why they're useful and examples of when to use them.

I'm working on laying a "dashboard" page where we need to display lots of various information, but in as small a viewport as possible (our goal is to try to avoid scrolling.) I'm using this sites to give me some ideas of ways to implement various solutions.

I'd highly recommend everyone just spend some time looking through the sites today and see what kind of creativity it sparks.

Categories: HTML/ColdFusion


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