AC/DC Releases First Ever Music Video Done Purely in MS Excel...

Posted by Dan on Oct 27, 2008 @ 9:32 AM

I have no idea what prompted this idea, but AC/DC has released what they call "the world's first music video in Excel format." You can download the video from AC/DC's website. Here's the YouTube video of the video with audio from AC/DC's new single Rock-n-Roll Train.

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  • .. and here I thought the entry title was a joke.

    Umm... interesting idea. I was not aware there was a big demand for ... "music videos in Excel format"... or for that matter, that anyone had even considered stringing those particular words together. Well, anyone not under the influence of mind altering substances.
  • @cfSearching:

    This video reminds me of some of the first computer videos I ever saw--which were on my Commodore 64. Enough detail to make out figures, but far from photo quality. :)
  • It sounds like a video from an old surveillance camera ;-) Hours and hours of tape, but you cannot make anything out. "Well officer, I could tell two of the suspects were definitely human." Though in comparison, this excel video of animated ascii art makes those old computer games look like hi-definition.

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