My Spring <br /> 2007 jQuery Presentation

Posted by Dan on Mar 21, 2007 @ 10:46 PM

I wanted to post my presentation files for the demo I'll be giving at Spring <br /> Conference 2007 tomorrow morning. This file contains the Powerpoint Presentation, plus all the example file (plus some that I probably won't have a time to get to!)

I probably went overboard on the examples—I seriously doubt I can get through them all in 60 minutes, but hopefully you'll find the source code commented well enough that even if you don't set through my presentation, you can still follow what's going on.

Download "Down & Dirty with jQuery" Presentation

While the basic ideas in the presentation are generally server-side agnostic, some of the CFML may require CFMX7 (as it's the only platform I tested on.)

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  • I was wondering what I was doing for lunch! :) I'm using jQuery on a current project and am about to dig into doing some Ajax.
  • Great to see you could reuse some of my demos for your presentation. Some of your custom extensions gave me ideas to implement into the validation plugin, thanks!
  • I was at your seminar last Friday. and it was awesome! Now i start learning jquery for our web project.

    However, even jquery seems to have the best documentation over other libraries, i still find it is really hard to get some help start up. (I have no experience with javascript at all) Dan, do you think it is ok to post some code here for your advice? i particularly have trouble with ajax call -> $.post

    no matter what, thanks lot for showing me this wonderful tool!
  • @Paul:

    You can post examples here, but I'd recommend signing up for the jQuery mailing list. You'll get access to a whole slew of knowledge developers.

    The only potential "gotcha" is that John Resig is in the process of migrating the mailing list. Not sure how that affects new signups.


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