Flash Player (Update 3) Content Debugger released...

Posted by Dan on Dec 4, 2007 @ 1:05 PM

As many of you know, Flash Player v9.0.115.0 was released yesterday. I've been using Flash Player v9.0.64.0 since I recently completed a project using the Flex 3 beta. I see from the list of fixes, that issue #212379 (audio playback in swf off sync) has been addressed—which I'm hoping fixes the problem I've seen in lots of streaming video recently.

I always have trouble finding the Flash Player Content Debugger downloads so I wanted to make sure to provide a link. You'd think the page would be easy to find, but I always have to search for it. You'll only find the page in Adobe's Support section for the Flash Player.

Here are the links directly to the Windows versions:

I've just installed the updated versions, so hopefully I don't run into any problems!

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  • Zeze di Camargo's Gravatar
    Zeze di Camargo

    that's a great post - great blog. I'm huge fan and I can't wait for more posts. I was working on a project recently, but unfortunately there was a problem with flash player content debugger and the flash player 'stand alone' version. I'm not sure if that problem was fixed or will be in future versions of the content debugger, but I found something similar to my problem here:


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