Troubleshooting Memory Leaks in Java

Posted by Dan on Dec 12, 2007 @ 8:49 AM

I've been monitoring a server that was recently upgraded to ColdFusion 8. The application was previously running on ColdFusion MX 7—which used Java SDK v1.4. As many of you know, CF8 now runs on Java SDK v1.6.

I've noticed a significant difference in memory management between the two versions of ColdFusion. I've been closely monitoring the server because of the jump in Heap usage I've seen after upgrading.

In my process of researching Memory Management in Java, I came across this an excellent article title Brain Drain In Your Java Apps?* that appears Software Test & Performance magazine. This article appears in the April 2007 Volume 4, Number 4 issue.

There is also a follow article that appears in the May 2007 issue titled It's Not Just The Younger Generations*.

This article is a good resource for anyone trying to figure out how to debug those "Out of Memory" errors. Fortunately, I think my issue is only related to Garbage Collection in the Tenured Generation.

The link to the articles points to PDFs containing the entire magazines. I could not find an HTML versions of them. The article Brain Drain In Your Java Apps? is on page 22 of the April 2007 issue and the article It's Not Just The Younger Generations is on page 26 of the May 2007 issue.
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