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Posted by Dan on Nov 25, 2007 @ 9:22 PM

Well after several weeks of tinkering and tweaking, I finally got the new blog live. This endeavor took a lot longer than I thought it would take. I knew it would take some time to create the conversion scripts to migrate my old entries to the new blog software, but I didn't plan on the amount of work I'd end up doing on the BlogCFC code to get everything working the way I wanted.

I ended up making a lot of modifications to the source code that I plan on sending to Raymond Camden so he can do whatever he sees fit with the code. I know he's working on v6—which is a major re-write of the software.

Some of the biggest changes I made were in the XML-RPC support. One of the key reasons I wanted to migrate off the software I wrote was so that I could use a 3rd party blogging software. I'm currently writing this entry using Microsoft's Live Writer.

Well BlogCFC does a pretty good job supporting XML-RPC out of the box, in order to paste source code into your entry, you need to drop to a "View Source" mode. Since this was less than desirable, I spent some time adding code which will parse out HTML-based <code> blocks and convert them into the format that BlogCFC expects. Now I can just cut-n-paste source code directly into the Rich Text Editor and when my entry is posted to the server the conversion back to straight source code is handled for me automatically.

I also added support for the <more/> tag and the <textblock> tag. This of course let to me having to add support for escaping the tags so that I could actually write those tags in my post!

I did a lot of testing of this over the past few weeks and I believe it's pretty solid. Time will tell. :)

Anyway, I hope now that I've moved off my custom XML-based blog system that I wrote years ago, I will blog much more frequently. I often avoided blogging, just because it was too much of a pain to add a new entry.

So here's to lots of blogging!

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