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Posted by Dan on Sep 14, 2006 @ 10:33 AM

Well, Sunday night I went to see Journey and Def Leppard with Jenn and a group of friends (Todd, Monica, Eric, Krista and some neighbors of Todd & Monica.) Jeff Scott Soto was singing for Journey in replacement for Steve Augeri (the current lead singer), as Steve is suffering from a throat infection. If you've never heard Augeri sing, if you close your eyes, you would indeed think it was Steve Perry singing. Augeri was an excellent choice to take over the reigns.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to hear Soto sing for Journey. I've been a fan of Soto's since his early work with Yngwie Malmsteen (I love his vocals on I'll See The Light Tonight.) Overall Jeff did an excellent job, but they definitely seem to alter the set to match his vocals. My only disappointment was that he didn't even try to sing any of the songs Steve Perry sang in falsetto (Open Arms, Faithfully, Who's Crying Now.) Those were the songs that I thought might bring Jeff some trouble, but I wanted to hear him sing them, as I've never really heard Jeff attempt to sing anything in that style (not saying he hasn't done it, I've just never heard it if he has.)

To my surprise Deen Castronovo (the drummer) sang those three songs. While he doesn't have the impact of either Steve (but who really does,) I was really shocked out how well he sang those songs. I never had any idea Deen had those kind of pipes. I've always considered him a kick ass drummer, just never knew he could sing like that.

Overall, I thought Jeff did a really good job fronting Journey.

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  • i just heard that jeff was journey's latest front man but i never heard him signing journey song. But for steve aguire his just ok he sounds like perry but can't reach perry's high notes. give the guy a credit he's just trying his best to intertain perry's fans.
  • Just found this blog while searching for Jeff Scott Sotos videos with Journey.

    I saw him with Journey July 13th 06 at Chastain Park, Altlanta Georgia. Being a longtime Journey fan I was initially dissapointed that Steve A would not be fronting the band, especialy since I was flying from Cincinnati, Ohio to Altlanta, Georgia just for that very purpose. For those that have not been Chastain Park in Hotlanta, Geogia it's a very upscale location with houses to die for and community country clubs, tennis club and swimming club that is a members only Chastain Park kinda thing. Incredibly beautiful part of Atlanta.

    There was only one problem..................parking. Since it's an upscale neighborhood we had to literally park our car about two miles away at a Chastain softball park. In 100 degree weather with high humity and after having traveled by air I was ready to just sit down and swallow up a couple of beers to get my heart rate down from the walking (yes, I'm out of shape)

    Odly enough Journey walks out onto the stage in total daylight. I forgot to mention that the outdoor ampi theater was so crowded that we literally had brush elbows with strangers even to just get a beer. Back to Journey coming out on the stage first and in total daylight. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see your favorite band in daylight ? No indoor light show, no night time darkness to spot up the mood with some lights ? Well this was the first time I ever saw a band in total daylight hours and it seemed like I listening to their sound check and not experiencing a concert.

    We had great seats, even though they where fold up chairs put in front of the stage. It was so damn hot that every seat had a complimentary Journey fan(the kind you wave) to wave off the heat.

    However, after about four beers and hearing Neal Schon play the national anthem I seemed to have lost the daylight hours thing and ready to hear some Journey. Deliver ? They damn sure did and Jeff Scott Soto rocked the stage like he was an old hand with Journey. Even Ross Valory had some moments of comedy with Jeff by trying to kick him in the ass as he was singing and then he'd just smile at the front row of fans and laugh.

    Simply put, Journey rocked Chastain Park and when they lit into "Chain Reaction" I thought the speakers where going to crash and was loud and more intense than I've ever heard them play that song in more than 12 Journey concerts that I have attended over my lifetime.

    Dean sang the ballods and and Jeff sang every thing else, though with his own style of pitch and tone, but never the less, pretty damn good and he loves being stage, it's obvious.

    Now Journey has a fourth singer in the works for an new album and possible tour in late 08. He's from the Phillipines and Neal Schon found him on Utube singing Journey songs with a cover band called "The Zoo" Check out the band on Utube and see for yourself if Neal made a good choice or not.

    thanks for letting me speak on your blog.
  • Look, Its not that Jeff cant sing. He cant be a human being. Self absorbed jerk! Thats why Journey dumped him. He has pitch problems singing in Journey, And he is not a nice guy. He is so freaking stuck on himself. Just look at all of the sites he has how he promotes himself. Hardly humble.

    AND (the proverbial and I just read some of his retorts he wrote to a guy that just wanted Jeff to reimburse him for the songs he plagiarized and purposely put his signature that were not his, I know the plaintiff (obviously) I am especially agitated with the fowl gutter language Jeff uses in his emails calling the guy a cockface and such. He is not a gentleman like the rest of the guys in journey, I used to date Neil Schon in the eighties and he was a maniac. Lots of crazy memories. Jeff Scott Soto lost any respect I had for him when I learned he was an abusive jerk and he broke the CARDINAL SIN IN MUSIC {stealing someones song and giving himself the credit.

    With Love
    your ex fan

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