Free Windows MD5 Checksum Application

Posted by Dan on Jun 28, 2006 @ 9:14 AM

I downloaded the ColdFusion v7.0.2 Updater this morning. Since I've had some problems recently with downloading CF updates from, I decided I'd verify the MD5 checksum. This made me realize I didn't have a good Windows application for verify the MD5 checksum. After searching Google for a few minutes, I came across a very small (97k) application called MD Checker v2.20.

Using the program is very straightforward—just unzip to a directory and run the md5.exe executable. No installation required. To compare a checksum against a file's checksum, select the "Verify an MD5 checksum" (which is the default option.) Next, copy the MD5 checksum into your clipboard and click the "Paste" button—this will put the MD5 checksum value to verify against in an uneditable control. To verify the checksum of a file, click the "Browse" button and find the file on your hard drive and click the "Open" button. The application will then report the checksum found in either a green (if the values match) or red (if the values differ) box.

This program is very straightforward and best of all, it's free.

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  • Hey Dan,

    Thanks for this! I needed to verify the checksum of a file I downloaded from the web. Did it in less than five minutes due to this post.


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