Thunderbird-Tray v1.2 - Systray Launcher for Thunderbird

Posted by Dan on Jan 12, 2006 @ 3:47 PM

With the release of Thunderbird v1.5, I also found that I needed to update my version of Thunderbird-Tray from v1.1 to v1.2.

TB-Tray is a launcher for Thunderbird, which stays in memory and will "hide" Thunderbird to the systray instead of the taskbar. It actually has a lot of configurable options for a launcher. I've been using it in one form or another for almost a year. I really hate having my E-mail client show up in the taskbar. It's one of those applications that I almost always leave running and just don't see a need for it eating up a spot on my taskbar.

If you use Thunderbird, I'd highly recommend this application.

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  • For anyone interested in system tray minimization in general, I've used Active Captions ( in the past (not free, but reasonably cheap) and am now using TaskSwitchXP (, which is completely free.

    Both are great for managing windows that are almost always open, but infrequently accessed. I find it useful for my email, source control and ssh client windows.
  • I used to use TaskSwitch XP, but recently uninstalled it. I was having problems with it "hiding" some of the items in my Systray. It would do this randomly to items that boot on startup. Things like OneNote, Norton AntiVirus, Microsoft Spyware, Konfigurator, etc.

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