Could "Mystic" be CFMX 7.5?

Posted by Dan on Jan 12, 2006 @ 3:48 PM

This has hit some blogs, but I haven't seen it widely mentioned. Damon Cooper posted a vague entry about "Mystic"—which appears to be a version of ColdFusion targetted to be released. before "Scorpio" (which was thought to be the next version of CF—potentially v8.)

There hasn't been a whole lot of gossip about the new version of ColdFusion in the last few months—mostly I suspect because of the Adobe/Macromedia merger. Anyway, hopefully we'll start hearing more news now that the merger is complete.

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  • Could it also be that Adobe wants to quickly imprint ADOBE on the product name - and the exciting enhancement is simply a good excuse to quickly retire the Macromedia association?
  • That's a very valid point. Damon does mention throwing us a few bones, but you're probably right that the main goal is to get Adobe's name on the product.

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