A FPS Shooter Example Using Firefox v1.5 Without Plug-ins!

Posted by Dan on Dec 2, 2005 @ 2:02 PM

I caught this on Blogzilla. If you have Firefox v1.5, this is very cool. The <canvas> tag looks pretty slick, but since only Firefox supports it, I can't see much use for it right now.

New in Firefox 1.5 is support of the <canvas> tag, which is a new HTML element that can be used to draw graphics using JavaScript. It's not SVG, even though it overlaps functionality with SVG.

Rafael Robayna has created a simple painter demo. A little more detailed is the first-person shooter demonstration.

While both are a little slow and not so smooth, it's still cool to see something like this is possible.

More on <canvas> tag:
Mozilla Developer entry for Canvas
Mozilla Wiki entry for Canvas

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