Gas $2.33 Per Gallon...

Posted by Dan on May 21, 2004 @ 11:32 AM

I had to fill up my 4runner this morning. I like to keep premium in the tanks, and "premium" sure is the right word for that gas, 'cause that's what it costs. I paid $2.33 a gallon for gas today. That's just ridiculous. I need to get into the Oil business.

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  • Yep, and it ain't gonna get better until the Feds stop this price gouging by the oil companies taking advantage of the situation
  • it ain't gonna get better ever. $2.33 is a bargain, stop complaining. it'll be at $5 before too long. world oil production is maxed out and will soon begin declining. once it becomes apparent that supply is in steady decline (by the end of the decade at most) watch for wild price spikes and runaway averages.
  • Do your research...nothing is maxed out or even close to maxed out..lamo! US has more reserves then our generation or the next could use. That's a fact..

    as for $2.33 a gallon that is cheep for Los Angeles or Orange County it is $2.37 for regular unleaded. This needs to end in a big way! I am going to buy a mo-ped!

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