qForms Build 138 Released!

Posted by Dan on May 13, 2004 @ 11:42 PM

Well, since v2 is taking longer than planned, I'm releasing build 138. There's a few fixes that I've made and I've added a couple of useful properties. The highlight of this build is that you can now toggle off validation for a form by setting the qForm object's _skipValidation property to true, the validation rules will be ignored. This will be useful for those users looking for a way to "Save & Exit" from a form, without applying the validation rules. Here's a list of what's changed:

[-] Fixed a bug in the is/validateFormat() method which affected masks
    which contained 3 or fewer characters.
[-] Fixed bug in Opera v7.x where single checkbox elements where not
    working w/the setValue()/getValue() methods. I had fixed this in
    the v2 builds already.
[-] Fixed bug w/validateLengthGT and LT if the value was equal to
    the specified argument than no error was thrown (and it should
[+] Added qFormAPI.styleAttribute which allows you to specify a single
    property to apply a style change to. This defaults to "backgroundColor".
    This provides a quick CSS hack until v2 is released. If you change
    the qFormAPI.errorColor to a valid CSS property value you can do
    more than change the color. For example:
	qFormAPI.styleAttribute = "border";
	qFormAPI.errorColor = "1px dotted red";

    NOTE: This is experimental at best, you need test in different

[+] Added obj._skipValidation property which allows you to toggle
    validation off/on for an entire form. Setting the property to
    true will cause the validation routines to be skipped for that
    form object.
[+] Added the validation_addon.js library. At this point, this contains
    one additional validation method called validateAtLeastOne(), which
    you can use to confirm that at least one field out of a list of
    fields contain a value.

As always, you can download the latest version of qForms from http://www.pengoworks.com/qforms/download/.

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