Mozilla Firefox Extensions Every Developer Needs!!!

Posted by Dan on May 10, 2004 @ 8:36 PM

Ok, I thought I'd compile a little list of Firefox extensions that are useful for any web developer (and a few that are good for any user of Firefox.) For those of you who read my blog, you'll know that I've switched to Firefox as my primary browser—it's just fantastic. Anyway, here's a list of the extensions you shouldn't be without.

General Extensions (Stuff For Everyone)

  • Tabbrowser Extensions
    This might be the best of the extensions as it makes Firefox and Mozilla's tab interface work the way it should work out of the box. First, it adds the ability to re-order the tabs by dragging and dropping the tabs. Oddly enough, I find myself re-ordering tabs quite a bit. Next, it will remember all your open tabs when you close Firefox and will automatically re-open them. I love this feature, since there are 3 or 4 sites I tend to have open all the time. Also, if you ever need to reboot while you have a ton of tabs open, you don't have to worry about trying to restore all your windows after reboot—just close Firefox and reboot your PC. The last feature I'm highlighting is you can configure the extension to open all "new window" links into a new tab instead. This extension does more than what I've highlighted, but these are the key features that make it a must download.
  • Bookmarks Synchronizer
    Allows you to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks among different installations of Firefox. I use it to keep my laptop and desktop in sync.
  • RSS Reader Panel
    This extension adds an RSS Panel to Firefox. Just set up a bookmark folder containing links and folders to all your favorite RSS URIs, and hit [ALT]+[R] to bring up the RSS Panel. The panel is split into two sections. The upper section shows the RSS feeds and the lower section shows the snippets from the RSS feed. Click on the headings in the lower section to bring up the actual RSS entry.

Web Develoer Extensions

  • Web Developer
    There's just too many features to list here. If you're a web developer, than go download this extension now.
  • IEView
    Adds an "View this page in IE" item to the context menu. This is great for checking how the current page looks in IE or if you've come across a site that is designed for IE specifically.
  • JavaScript Console Status
    This extension displays an icon in the status bar everytime a JavaScript error occurs. This is great when adding JavaScript functionality to a page, since Firefox won't otherwise visually warn you of an error (unless you have the JavaScript console open.)
  • LiveHTTPHeaders
    This extension will allow you to capture a log of all the HTTP headers in realtime. Great if you need to debug what information is going back and forth between the browser and the server.
  • EditCSS
    This extension allows you to edit the CSS rules for the open page in realtime. Useful for fixing design issues, without having to keep re-saving and re-viewing the original document.
  • SpiderZilla
    An extension for pulling down an entire site—including images—to a local directory on your PC. This is great for archiving a site, or for grabbing a client's current site.
  • User Agent Switcher
    This extension adds an option to your "Tools" menu which allows you to select a custom user agent for Firefox to report to the server. This is useful if you want to test the way a site might re-act with a different user agent. For example, to view a content in Firefox that may only want to display if the user agent is reporting to be IE.

Many (if not most) of this extension will also work with the Mozilla browser as well. Hopefully you find this little list useful. If you have other extensions that no Firefox user should be without, make sure to post a comment and let me know!

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