It's Back.... Bard's Tale!!!

Posted by Dan on Apr 5, 2004 @ 3:56 PM

The game franchise that really hooked me on computers, gaming and fantasy-based products has finally been revived by Brian Fargo. The franchise is no other than Bard's Tale.

I spent many a day and night in my youth playing the Bard's Tale series on my Commodore 64. The first Bard's Tale is a RPG classic, one I spent many hours trying to complete, most of those hours spent trying to map out a tower full of teleportation traps. (God, I wish I could recall the name of the tower, it was in the lower left hand of the map.) Bard's Tale 2 was a great follow up, but I was disppointed in the third installment—by that time the amount of damage you did was way out of hand and I wasn't a big fan of the jumping around from universe to universe.

I'm interested to see how the new franchise goes. It looks like the rendition of the series is going to be more comedy based. I don't recall there being a ton of humor in the first one, but that's cause a lot of it could have gone over my head at the time.

InXile Entertainment, the company bringing back the Bard's Tale franchise, has their web site up and it looks like it's doing a pretty good job reflecting the feel of the new game (and least from what I've read about it.) Make sure to keep "fondeling" the barmaid's, uh, let's call it her "mountainous peaks", for a look at the humor that I'm sure the game is based upon. I like how after you do it several times, they take you to a site on sexual harassment lawsuits.

This will be a game I'll be keeping my eye on!

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