ColdFusion MX v6.1: "RedSky" Released!

Posted by Dan on Aug 5, 2003 @ 9:24 AM

As I stated yesterday, I smelled some announcements coming from Macromedia today. Macromedia released ColdFusion MX v6.1 today. This is a free upgrade to existing ColdFusion MX users. Although listed as a minor revision, as almost all ColdFusion minor releases, it includes some significant changes and improvements. Check out the ColdFusion MX v6.1 FAQ for an overview. I recommend downloading the upgrade and testing it out as soon as you can.

Also, with the launch of the new version of CFMX, Macromedia has released a number of new ColdFusion Development Center articles. Below is a list of articles that introduce concepts new to CFMX v6.1.

Lastly, here are the links to the tag/function insight files and VTMs for both DreamWeaver and HomeSite/CFStudio/HomeSite+. I'm also including the link to download the examples applications written for CFMX v6.1.

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