FW/QR/DT concert was amazing..

Posted by Dan on Jul 19, 2003 @ 3:01 PM

Well, Aaron (a co-worker of mine) and I went to the Dream Theater, Queensryche and Fates Warning concert last night. We ran into some heavy rush hour traffic when we got down to Cincy. It took us 40 minutes to move 5 miles on I71.

We ended up getting to Annie's a little before 7pm and Fates Warning was already on stage—which sucks cause the ticket said they go on at 7pm. By the time we got in to the the stage area, we only go to see about 2 minutes of their last song. They were off the stage by 7:20 or so. Although I got to hear a number of there songs while waiting in line to get in, I was disappointed not to see them. One of the main reasons I really wanted to see this show was to see Frank Aresti back with the band and to see Nick Di'Virgio (of Spock's Beard) playing Mark Zonder's drum parts. Anyway, they sounded really good—Ray's voice was as strong as ever. (Although I'm didn't like the dyed green hair...)

Queensryche came on next and they were a pleasant surprise. They only played one song from the post "Empire" area, which is what they opened up with—it's a tune on the new album. They sounded pretty decent, but Mike Stone can't even hold DeGarmo's jock strap. He really massacred Chris' guitar solos. With DeGarmo back in the band, I was hoping he was on tour with them. Stone didn't play any of DeGarmo's solos correctly. When you've listen to the album Mindcrime as much as I have (and most QR fans have,) it's like blasphemy not to stick to playing the solos note for note.

QR played a lot of really great tunes. My only real complaints were w/Tate using his "DJ voice" when talking with the crowd and of course with Mike Stone's guitar playing.

Dream Theater came on last. They were fantastic. I think that was the tightest I've ever heard them. They were dead on all night. James looks like he's lost some weight and toned up, and it sounded like his voice has benefitted from whatever exercise he's doing. His voice was really strong last night. These guys are so awesome live. It's unbelievable how tight they are. When they did Pull Me Under, they kept speeding up and slowing down, like you were speeding/slowing down a turn table. It was really incredible how tight they stayed while doing this—they did it subtly as well. Those guys all just kick ass.

Anyway, here's the set list from the best that I can recall:

Fates Warning:

  • Can't recall, was outside in line...
  • Monument


  • Open
  • NM-156
  • Screaming In Digital
  • Take Hold of the Flame
  • Walk In the Shadows
  • Empire
  • Jet City Woman (Geoff messed up the lyrics)
  • Lady Wore Black
  • I Remember Now/Anarchy-X
  • Speak
  • Eyes of a Stranger
  • Queen Of The Reich
  • Best I Can

Dream Theater:

  • Glass Prison
  • Under a Glass Moon
  • Scarred/Innocence Faded Outro
  • Home
  • Misunderstood
  • Another Day
  • New Millenium
  • Pull Me Under

Dream Theater then came back on stage with Queensryche and they played the following songs together. Considering how many musicians were playing on the stage, they were unbelievably tight.

Dream Theater/Queensryche Encore:

  • Peruvian Skies
  • Real World
  • The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"

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  • I saw Queensryche tonite for the first time since the Empire Tour.
    I had absolutely no interest in seeing them without DeGarmo, but the latest TRIBE album offered some fresh tunes.
    It was a fantastic setlist and included an acoustic version of ROADS TO MADNESS.
    Tate's voice is still simply unbelievable and he was very personable and enthusiastic but MIKE STONE is a Dork. His Macho is just so offbase with a band as intellectual as QR.
    STONE looks so cliche and plays with absolutely no heart. SkiCap/Gote/Tribal Tat/WalletChain/Dickie wearing Cookie Cutter. Its embarassing to see QR perform while STONE reminds us why todays music sucks. He's so conveniently now it reeks.
    TRIBE's tunes however really hooked me live and now I simply BEG FOR DEGARMOS return to the QR STAGE.
  • P.S.
    QueensRyche needs a personal Trainer...hint hint
  • I personally loved their music and they work hard as most all musicians do..my son plays death metal and to me after seeing first hand how hard they work to break into the music industry..they deserve support and applause, if you don't like them, there are plenty others out there to please you!-God Bless

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