Updates To My Photo Album...

Posted by Dan on Jun 10, 2003 @ 9:44 AM

Well, I updated my Photo Album today. I got the picture developed that I took at Salt Fork and converted them to jpegs. I also posted the pictures from my trip to Denver, CO and I posted another set of miscellaneous pictures—which contain pictures of Maddie with her "Buster Collar" on as well as some of my house.

I also moved my Photo Album off of www.pengoworks.com and moved it to blog.pengoworks.com. It made more sense to me to move my "personal items" from the consulting site to my personal site. I'm creating redirects from www.pengoworks.com/photoalbum/ to blog.pengoworks.com/photoalbum so that your bookmarks will work temporarily. If you have my Photo Album page bookmarked, please update your bookmarks.

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