Who me?!?

Posted by Dan on Jun 1, 2003 @ 4:53 PM

My good friend Robi blogged a little story about qForms (my open source JavaScript API) and an experience he had while working on a project a while back. He actually first told me this story a while back—and at the time it really surprised me. I really need to figure out a marketing idea for making some money off the code. I see a little bit of money from donations, but if I could get just a $1 a form (that qForms is implemented on,) that would turn out to be a lot of money—not to mention well worth the $1. Anyway, just thought Robi's story was interesting.

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  • PS - So there's no confusion, I never plan on charging for the v1 code... I'm hoping to always keep the main API open source... i'm talking about making money for the time i put in to the API...

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