Dream Theater Married Meanstreak?!?

Posted by Dan on May 10, 2003 @ 10:48 AM

Here's an interesting trivia bit. I was doing some miscellaneous surfing over the weekend. I was watching a video from some 80s female singer I didn't remember so I looked her up on the web. Her voice sounded really familar, but I didn't recognize the name. Anyway, the site was geared towards all female metal bands and while reading the site I came across reference to a band called "Meanstreak".

Anyway, the band didn't ring a bell with me—I don't remember them, but I did read something odd on the page. Three of the band members are now married to Dream Theater members. (The site says only 2, but actually it's 3.)

Anyway, the relationships are:

	Marlene Apuzzo (Guitars)   <--> Mike Portnoy (Drums)
	Rena Sands (Guitars)       <--> John Petrucci (Guitar)
	(Lisa) Martens Pace (Bass) <--> John Myung (Bass)

I just found that very odd. Even cooler is the fact that they're all still married and most have been for a 7-10 years. Very weird...

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