Turn that old Atari/SNES into a portable gaming system!

Posted by Dan on Apr 22, 2003 @ 5:16 PM

I've read about Benjamin Heckendorn before—at least siz months or so ago. He takes old consule units like the Atari 2600 and SNES and converts them to portable gaming systems. Although a complete novelty at the price you'd pay for one, it would be cool to have a handheld Atari 2600 or SNES. I really like the look of his handheld units, they have a lot of personality.

Heckendorn has refashioned 39 units out of old-school hardware. His signature model, the VCSp, is based on the Atari 2600, circa 1977. "It's a way to honor the old games. It lets people revisit something from their past - kind of like when they're at a bar and they hear a Bon Jovi song," he says. "Besides, it's cool." Make that supercool in the realm of classic gaming, where Heckendorn, 27, has become something of a cult hero since single-handedly inspiring a new hobby. He's even sold his handiwork to fans for up to $600 a pop.
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