Reporters Fell For Commando Prank

Posted by Dan on Apr 15, 2003 @ 10:04 AM
The "Stay Lucky" soldier pictured wearing a helmet riddled with bullet holes was playing a PRANK, The Sun can reveal. Comical commando Eric Walderman and his comrades fooled Gulf War II newsmen by pretending he had escaped death by inches when he was shot at while fighting Iraqis. In fact his Kevlar helmet was just lying on top of his pack when it was peppered by fellow Marines trying to hit an unexploded anti-tank weapon.

I posted this picture awhile back on my blog. Just goes to show how you need to take everything you read with a with a grain of salt. That's not to say that everything you read is false, but reporters seem to be doing less and less fact checking in order to be the first one to "break" the big story. Granted, in this particular story the reporter could have checked with fellow soldiers and if they all played along at the time, there's no reason not to believe them. Anyway, always process the information you read and just don't blindly believe what you see.

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