This weekend really wore me out—I'm beat today.

Posted by Dan on Mar 31, 2003 @ 11:50 AM

How come weekend trips wear you out so much? I guess it's the lack of sleep, but the Monday after a weekend trip always leaves me desiring more sleep. I really miss the days of being able to sleep until 11am, getting up at between 6 and 7am on the weekends really stinks.

The trip to Jenn's house went pretty well. My puppy (Maddie) and Jenn's brother's dog (Sadie) played pretty aggresively, so they had to be watched pretty closely. They both seem to have a blast, but if you don't make them split up from time to time, they'll never stop playing. Maddie definitely demonstrates alpha dog traits—any time Sadie had something Maddie would go take it from her. She's also listening less and less—I think I need to spend more time on training and I'm seriously considering obedience training.

On the drive home last night, my parent's called and said they were in the Hilliard area. We were still about an hour outside of Hilliard, but my parents managed to find something to keep themselves busy until we got home. It was nice to see them. It's kind of sad, 'cause I think my dad was more interested in seeing the puppy than he was seeing me. :) I guess that's what it must be like to be a parent. It was a nice little visit and I'm glad they were able to stop by.

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  • the weekend trip was nice. It was good
    to see my family because I don't get to
    see them as often as I would like to.
    Maddie and Sadie were just having fun.
    I thought it was cute, but at the same
    time the constant energy they have can
    be very draining on one. Thanks for
    going with me and spending time with my
    family. Like Dan said it was also nice
    to see his family. It is not often
    that we would see his parents and my
    parents in the same day.
  • Hey Dan,

    I just realized you have a blog! (Saw a referring post on Sean Corfield's blog)
    I'm actually starting to build one myself too. Need to switch my webhosting account to a place with MX first though. I'll keep you in the loop as I progress.

    Anyway, In response to this post... Kim and I took our dogs to an obedience class called "Dog Talk" 614-792-6331
    It's held in the basement of "Animal Care Unlimited" a vet clinic on Billingsly just off of Hard Rd between Sawmill and Smokey Row.

    The class was great. Our dogs were very responsive even though they are both 5+ yrs old. The puppies in the class made even more impressive progress. Plus, they operate on the "positive reinforcement only" philosophy, which is a bonus.

    I highly recommend it. They run a bunch of different classes (puppy, beginner, advanced, agility, etc) and offer them on several different nights of the week. We did the "beginner" course and it met once/week for about 6 weeks. I Don't remember the cost, but it was reasonable (<= $100).

    Here's the particulars...
    Dog Talk

    Animal Care Unlimited
    2665 Billingsley Rd.
  • Darn it! I wish you would have seen my blog yesterday. After failing to do any more research, I finally just signed up for a class last night at Petsmart.

    Maddie's starting to ignore me and she's showing signs of being bored so I wanted to get her into a program ASAP.

    I'll have to remember this link so that I have it in case I don't like the Petsmart program.

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