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See Macromedia Flex In Action!

Christophe Coenraets, the Macromedia Flex Evangelist, has blogged a cool little entry that not only shows a Flex Blog RSS/RDF Reader, but it also shows the entire code used to build the application.

This is the most revealing information I've seen to do date on how Flex operates and the types of applications you can build with it.

Be sure to check out his follow up post—in which he posts the external CSS and XML files he used.

Thanksgiving To Be Thankful For/Jenn's Reunion

Well, Thanksgiving was a busy extended weekend. Being in a serious relationship tends to make the Holidays a little more packed with activities—because we get to celebrate with two families instead of one.

Jenn & I spent Thanksgiving morning at the Riverside Hospital. My cousin, JP, and his wife Betsy had their first child, a baby girl, Paisley Reese Sayers, at around 2:45am Thanskgiving morning. I got to take a number of pictures and videos that morning and burnt them to CD to give to JP's family at Thankgiving dinner.

After we left the hospital, I burnt the CDs and we left for Springfield for Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Jack and Aunt Nancy's house (JP's parent's house.) Dinner was great as always. I ended up taking about a 30 minute nap right after dinner. My Aunt has a cat, so I always end up having to take a Benedryl (sp?) and that always makes me drousy.


Sample Chapter from "A Feast For Crows"

Well, George R.R. Martin is still writing "A Feast For Crows", but at least he's finally given us a little peek at what's to come. He's decided to publish a chapter about Dany titled "Daenerys." For those of you who enjoy Fantasy and haven't read it, I recommend reading his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. "A Feast For Crows" is the fourth book in the series. I normally hate reading incomplete series (because I'm impatient,) but I'm grateful for Robi and Mark for turning me on to this series. Of course, I'm frustrated with them for making me read something that I'm no so anxiously waiting the follow up books for.

Anyway, I can't say enough good things about the way that Martin writes. He has a very unique style and all of his characters are very real. This series definitely doesn't follow the "good guy always triumphs" philosophy. More often than not, doing the nobel/heroic act in these books makes you wind up dead. He definitely brings in a sense of realism that is often lacking from this genre.

One of the most unique aspects of his writing—and the part I enjoy the most—is the fact that each chapter is written from the account of one person. When he's writing in the narrative, he's writing from that person perspective—which may not always be reality of the situation. You'll often find much of you read was not necessarily the whole truth of a situation, but simply the truth as it appears to that character. I've been so conditioned in to believing that everything an author writes is true to the story, that I found this very interesting and always kept me guessing at what was going to happen next. I know this isn't unique to writing, but I've never read a series where you figure out the truth from reading different accounts of a situation from different peoples point of view.