Thanksgiving To Be Thankful For/Jenn's Reunion

Posted by Dan on Dec 2, 2003 @ 1:49 PM

Well, Thanksgiving was a busy extended weekend. Being in a serious relationship tends to make the Holidays a little more packed with activities—because we get to celebrate with two families instead of one.

Jenn & I spent Thanksgiving morning at the Riverside Hospital. My cousin, JP, and his wife Betsy had their first child, a baby girl, Paisley Reese Sayers, at around 2:45am Thanskgiving morning. I got to take a number of pictures and videos that morning and burnt them to CD to give to JP's family at Thankgiving dinner.

After we left the hospital, I burnt the CDs and we left for Springfield for Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Jack and Aunt Nancy's house (JP's parent's house.) Dinner was great as always. I ended up taking about a 30 minute nap right after dinner. My Aunt has a cat, so I always end up having to take a Benedryl (sp?) and that always makes me drousy.

Friday, Jenn and I ran some errands in the morning and left for her parent's house in the afternoon. Jenn's 10 Year High School Reunion was this weekend. She really didn't want to go at first, but she had friend coming in from Sweden who she hadn't seen in a long time, so she finally got talked in to going. I know she's glad she went—she had a blast. I fun as well, as all her friends got pretty crazy drunk, and it was fun to see them all have fun (I was one of the designated drivers, along w/Jenn's pregnant friend Kristen,) so I was sober all night. I know all everyone enjoyed the "open bar" and I think Jenn at least covered her $40 dollar fee between the dinner and free drinks. :)

I also bought a new camera on Saturday—which I used to record movies and pictures from the reunion. I decided I wanted a smaller camera—one that I could easily carry around for our cruise in January. I also really wished I could have taken longer video segment when recording Paisley at the hospital. I ended up buying the Sony DSC-P10. The key feature I liked about the camera is that you can take MPEG videos w/audio and the only limit to length is the amount of memory left in the memory stick. I was disappointed that you can't zoom in, I used that function a lot w/my old Olympus D400. The sound on the camera is really amazing considering the small mic port. I was really impressed—especially since many of the scenes at the reunion had extremely loud music that I thought for sure would end up getting clipped a ton. I need to play around w/the camera a little more before giving a verdict. It's not quite as point-and-click as my old Olympus was. However, a dark indoor setting isn't the best place to try to learn how to use your camera. :)

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